Eli MacKinnon / 9.08.2023

Search reimagined in Skiff

We've launched a whole new search experience in Skiff Mail, Pages, and Drive.
Email search text field with filter options.
Today, we’re announcing a complete redesign of the search experience across Skiff on the web, desktop, and mobile. With search filters, instant results, and an improved user experience, finding your emails, pages, and files has never been easier.

Skiff Mail on the web

Searching through email content in an end-to-end encrypted email provider is no easy feat. Because Skiff does not have access to any user emails, all search queries have to be performed client-side. To make this possible, we’ve developed innovative search indexing algorithms that work in the browser, in Skiff’s Windows and macOS apps, and in our iOS and Android native apps.Search on the web now features an inline search bar on top of your inbox that supports adding filters for email subject, content, date received, label, folder, and to/from. Adding filters enables you to see instant and precise search results across tens of thousands of emails.

Skiff Mail on mobile

Searching through email subjects and content inside the Skiff Mail mobile apps has been rebuilt from the ground up. Now, like Skiff Mail clients on the web, your device will create an index of emails locally - ensuring instant search results across to/from fields, email content, and email subjects, even while offline.If you’ve been using the Skiff Mail mobile apps for a while, you may see an indexing progress indicator appear when you next open the app.

Skiff Pages and Drive

Skiff Pages and Drive also have new and improved search experiences. Now, in addition to searching title and content, see file paths displayed for all search results.

How does it work?

If you’re looking to learn more about how search works in Skiff, check out our technical blog post, “What is encrypted search?” In it, we walk through why searching through end-to-end encrypted data is difficult and provide examples of products and search algorithms that index or search through encrypted data.

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