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How to add a shared custom domain

You've set up your Skiff workspace with your team. How can you add a shared custom domain?
Multiple users with custom domain email aliases.
You’ve set up your Skiff account and onboarded your team to your new, privacy-first workspace. How can you set up a shared custom domain for you and your colleagues to communicate internally and externally?

How to create a workspace and invite your team

To create your workspace and share the rest of your team, we recommend referencing our blog on “How to invite your team to Skiff.” That blog covers the signup process and how to use the organization settings page ( to send invite links that can be used to join your team. Find the full blog here.For a quick overview tutorial: First, sign up at Skiff’s signup page (; then, visit the settings page and click your workspace name. There, customize your workspace name and icon, and then invite other team members to join.To share a custom domain, you must invite your team to the workspace, not just to a single Skiff Page or folder. Every workspace member will be able to use shared custom domains.

How to add a custom domain

As a first step, you will need to upgrade your account to be on Skiff’s Pro or Business tiers, which enable adding up to two (Pro tier) or five (Business tier) custom domains.Then, you need to visit the mail custom domains settings page, or click settings and then “Custom domains” from inside your inbox. After entering in your domain name, Skiff will provide DNS records (TXT records, CNAME records, and an MX record) for you to add to your domain registrar.Once your records are added and published, Skiff will indicate that your domain is “verified,” which is necessary before you can add aliases to this domain. Note that all of these records must be published to ensure mail is sent and received safely and reliably.We’ve also written a much longer, step-by-step blog on how to set up a custom domain - find it here.

How to share your domain with colleagues

Once you have shared your workspace and have a verified custom domain, you can add aliases using this domain from the Mail custom domains settings page.Unlike aliases, which must be four characters or longer (on Pro or Business tiers) and cannot contain certain characters, custom domain aliases have far fewer restrictions and can even be one letter!Your colleagues in your workspace will also be able to add custom domain aliases, so you can add [email protected], [email protected], and even sales@, marketing@, business@, and more.

Questions, support, and more

If you have questions or need support at any time, please reach out to us at [email protected]. In particular, we can help check on your custom domain verification, workspace paid plan status, and assist with any problems that may arise with aliases or DNS providers.You are also welcome to join our Discord community, follow us on Twitter, or post on our Subreddit. Thank you for using Skiff, and we hope to deliver privacy-first, intuitive products to you and your team.


Can I add more than one shared domain?Yes - your workspace can have up to two domains if you are on the Pro plan, or five domains if you are on the Business plan. Once multiple domains are added, you will be able to both send and receive mail at any verified domains.Is there a limit to the number of aliases per domain?There is no limit to the number of aliases you can add per custom domain.What characters can be added to a custom domain alias?Unlike aliases, you have much more flexibility on adding custom domain aliases, and you can even add one character ([email protected]) aliases for you and your other team members.How can I get help on adding my domain?Emailing [email protected] is the best way to get quick help on adding your MX, CNAME, and TXT records properly.

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