The best email clients for Mac—the ultimate guide

Discover the best email clients for Mac. Compare the presented options and choose a convenient solution to streamline your inbox and increase productivity.
Whether you're juggling multiple accounts or looking for innovative ways to manage your inbox, the right email client can make all the difference in terms of efficiency, organization, and overall user experience.Choosing the best Mac email client can significantly impact your productivity. In this article, we will present you with the most popular options and help you decide which Mac email client suits your needs the best.
Choose a security-oriented email clientSkiff Mail offers end-to-end encryption for a secure and private email experience
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Key considerations for selecting an email client for Mac

No email client is universally better than others—the best option for you will depend on:
  1. Features it offers
  2. Design of the user interface
  3. Level of security and privacy the email client offers

Clearly define your feature requirements

When selecting an email client, consider the essential features you rely on in your daily workflow. For example, if you frequently communicate across different time zones, having email scheduling and snoozing capabilities is advantageous. In case you manage multiple email accounts simultaneously, robust organization and labeling features are crucial.Since your email client is supposed to optimize your productivity and streamline your efficiency, you should also explore solutions with advanced add-on support and third-party integrations.

Choose an easy-to-navigate user interface

An email client’s user interface should be intuitively designed to provide a user-friendly experience and ensure accessibility for users of varying skill levels. A well-designed, minimalistic interface can reduce the strain on your eyes, which is especially significant if you spend considerable time emailing. An intuitive and straightforward design enables users to swiftly locate the desired features and organize emails effortlessly.

Prioritize security and privacy in your email client

The security aspect rests with your email service provider (ESP). It should implement advanced safety standards to shield your online conversations from unauthorized access.Most email services encrypt your emails to protect them during transmission or while resting on servers. The trouble is that they typically use weak encryption protocols leaving your data vulnerable to attacks at certain points.Most mainstream providers also retain control of the decryption keys, which means they can access your messages at any time. For example, Gmail implements the Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption protocol that protects your data during transit between the sender and the recipient but leaves it vulnerable when resting on the providers’ servers. They encrypt the messages on their servers and keep a copy of the keys, endangering your:
  • Security—a potential hacker that infiltrates the servers can steal the decryption keys and access your messages
  • Privacy—providers can see the plaintext copies of your emails, scan them for relevant keywords, and sell them to advertisers
For maximum security, your provider and email client should offer end-to-end encryption (E2EE). It keeps your correspondence secure by encrypting your messages on a device level so that nobody but the recipient—the only person with the decryption key—can access them. Your emails are safe from third parties, hackers, and everyone but the person you intended them for—including the provider.

Email clients for Mac—the top three

Based on the above criteria, here are the top three email clients for Mac:
  1. Apple Mail
  2. Microsoft Outlook
  3. Skiff

Apple Mail—The native email client for Mac users

Apple Mail provides a reliable email experience for users within the Apple ecosystem. While it may lack some advanced features and customization options, Apple Mail offers solid performance, strong email management capabilities, and tight integration with other Apple services.
Source: Apple iCloud Mail

Security and privacy

Apple Mail has implemented industry-standard protocols for secure email communication. It utilizes SSL/TLS encryption protocol and integrates with iCloud Keychain for password management. Some users have expressed concerns regarding Apple's data handling practices, highlighting potential privacy concerns.

User interface, functionality, and integration

Apple Mail offers a user-friendly interface with a clean design and intuitive layout. Navigating through mailboxes, composing emails, and managing accounts is straightforward. The interface maintains consistency with other Apple applications, ensuring a familiar user experience for individuals already accustomed to the Apple ecosystem.The client provides a solid set of features for managing emails. It offers advanced search options and filters for efficient email organization and integrates with other Apple services, such as Calendar and Contacts, allowing for a seamless workflow. Still, it may lack some advanced features found in third-party email clients, limiting its functionality for demanding users.


Apple Mail, being the built-in email client on MacOS devices, comes free of charge for Mac users and does not require additional purchases or subscriptions.
User-friendly interfaceDoes not use end-to-end encryption
Integration with Apple appsLacks advanced features
Solid performance & stability.

Microsoft Outlook—A MacOS email client for Windows lovers

Microsoft Outlook for Mac is a feature-rich email client offering comprehensive tools for managing emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks. It has a familiar user interface consistent with the Windows version, providing a seamless email experience to Mac users.
Source: Microsoft Outlook

Security and privacy

Microsoft Outlook for Mac offers powerful security features, including built-in spam filtering, encryption, and protection against phishing attempts. Microsoft Outlook supports two encryption protocols:
  • S/MIME—An end-to-end encryption protocol that requires no special Outlook subscription but requires the sender and recipient to have mail applications that support S/MIME. While offering decent protection, this encryption protocol is tied to significant vulnerabilities
  • Microsoft 365 Message Encryption—An end-to-end encryption protocol that offers solid protection to your emails but is not suitable for all users. It is a part of the paid solution as it is included in the Office 365 Enterprise E3 plan. Besides being pricey, Microsoft 365 Message Encryption is also quite difficult to set up for users who are not tech-savvy

User interface, functionality, and integration

Outlook’s interface is not as straightforward as some of its competitors’. The default view in Mail consists of three panels cluttered with icons and buttons, making the platform a bit difficult to navigate. The lack of compartmentalization can make it hard to locate specific features.Outlook for Mac is packed with features and functionality that cater to the needs of professionals. It offers a robust email management system, advanced search capabilities, and rules to automate email organization. It seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft services, such as OneDrive and Teams, allowing for streamlined collaboration and enhanced productivity.While Outlook is a Microsoft product, it integrates well with other Apple services. Outlook also enables you to effortlessly switch between your Mac and iPhone.


Microsoft’s native Outlook for Mac app is free for macOS users on the App Store. The client’s free version features ads, but you can upgrade to a paid ad-free tier.Outlook for Mac is available as part of the Microsoft 365 subscription, which comes with various pricing tiers depending on the user's needs. The paid tiers provide access to advanced Outlook features and services, such as a personalized email address, advanced security, an ad-free interface, and premium support.The pricing for individuals goes as follows:
  1. Microsoft 365 Family package—$99.99/year or $9.99/month
  2. Microsoft 365 Personal subscription—$69.99/year or $6.99/month
  3. Office Home & Student—one-time purchase set at $149.99
Source: MicrosoftThe pricing for businesses goes as follows:
  1. Microsoft 365 Business Basic—$6 per user/month
  2. Microsoft 365 Business Standard—$12.50 per user/month
  3. Microsoft 365 Business Premium—$22 per user/month
  4. Microsoft 365 Business Apps for business—$8.25 per user/month
Pros Cons
Feature-rich Cluttered interface
Decent integration with Apple software Higher security requires a paid subscription
Robust email management capabilities.

Skiff Mail — The most comprehensive email client for Mac

With its high-level security, minimalist design, intuitive interface, and handy features, Skiff Mail is the best option for individuals or organizations needing a reliable email client for Mac.
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Source: Skiff 

Security and privacy

Skiff is all about user privacy and data protection. The provider uses advanced (E2EE) encryption to secure your messages from all unauthorized third parties, including Skiff's team. The encryption is implemented using two separate keys:
  • Public key—used for encryption and distributed among recipients
  • Private key—used for decryption and safely stored on the recipient’s device
The encryption takes place on the device level, with the decryption key created and stored by the recipient. This means nobody but them has access to the key and can read the sender’s emails, including the email service provider.Skiff ensures total privacy of online communications by using zero-knowledge login. You are not required to provide any personal information to sign up, and the platform doesn't store your login data on its servers.Skiff also enables two-factor authentication via the Authenticator app. It prevents anyone who gets access to your credentials from entering your account without a one-time security code. The platform is open source and completely transparent about its security practice, which you can confirm by reading the public whitepaper.Note that Skiff can't protect you if your device is compromised by malware (nor can any other email service provider). It’s up to you to install and regularly update your antivirus software and exercise other security measures to keep your devices protected.

User interface, functionality, and integrations

Skiff’s interface is modern and minimalistic, allowing users to navigate the platform easily, regardless of their tech skill level. All the features are laid out intuitively, allowing you to maximize productivity and efficiency.Besides Skiff Mail, the platform offers an end-to-end encrypted product suite that can rival Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. If you sign up for Skiff, you can use:
  • Skiff Calendar—Allows you to schedule meetings, share invites, and keep track of your daily tasks in a safe environment
  • Skiff Drive—Enables you to upload, preview, and share all types of files securely. You can leverage optional integration with InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), the biggest decentralized storage system
  • Skiff Pages—Allows you to create and edit documents in real-time and collaborate with your team safely
Skiff Mail can be installed on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone, ensuring tight integration within Apple's ecosystem.


By signing up for Skiff's generous free plan, you can benefit from many features other services offer within their paid plans. You get 10 GB of storage space, four email aliases, an email search function, auto-reply and signature options, and more.Switching to paid plans will unlock additional features such as up to 1TB of storage space, custom domains, up to 15 aliases, and unlimited messages, folders, and labels.The pricing goes as follows:
  1. Skiff Essential—$3 per month
  2. Skiff Pro—$8 per month
  3. Skiff Business—$12 per month
Advanced end-to-end encryption and security featuresCan't guarantee protection if your device has been compromised by malware
Comprehensive product suite.
Generous free plan.
Straightforward, beautifully designed interface.

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