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The 9 best email unsubscribe services in 2023

Email unsubscribe services keep your inbox neat, focused, and private. Some services offer added benefits of auto-unsubscribe features, newsletter summaries, or even ecological benefits.
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Looking to clean out your inbox from unwanted senders, spammy newsletters, and annoying advertisements? You could benefit from an email unsubscribe service to enhance your privacy, increase your focus, and protect your time.In this article, we’ll review the most powerful email unsubscribe features that protect your inbox from unwanted emails.

Why use an email unsubscribe service

Using an email unsubscribe service is a proactive step to protect your privacy, reduce your digital footprint, and keep your inbox clean. As we continually sign up for online services, shop, or engage with various websites, our email addresses often become targets for newsletters, promotions, and unsolicited offers. This can lead to a barrage of unwanted emails, distracting us from critical communications and reducing productivity.Emails may also contain trackers, and online services may sell or share lists of user email addresses or user data for profit. As a result, using an email unsubscribe list can be a critical personal privacy-protecting decision as well.Finally, using an unsubscribe service supports greater digital security by limiting exposure to potential spam and phishing campaigns. With new services constantly being hacked or compromised, you never know if an inbound marketing or update email could yield big negative consequences.
Skiff noise cancelling unsubscribe feature.

1. Skiff Noise Canceling

Description: Skiff Mail is a privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted email service featuring 10 GB of free storage and a built-in calendar, drive, and note-taking app.Skiff offers a powerful unsubscribe product called “noise canceling.” Noise Canceling does the heavy lifting that other unsubscribe products don't do: It automates unsubscribing from hundreds of annoying, malicious, or spammy senders all at once - keeping you more private, protected, and focused.To learn more, check out the full page on Skiff's Noise Canceling email unsubscribe feature.Cons: Due to end-to-end encryption, Skiff does not work with some legacy email connections, like Yahoo Mail.
Leave Me Alone unsubscribe product.

2. Leave Me Alone

Description: Leave Me Alone is another email unsubscribe service promising privacy-respecting and easy-to-use tech to clean up your inbox. Leave Me Alone works with most major email providers - they advertise “Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL, Fastmail, iCloud… [and more].”Cons: Leave Me Alone is slightly less popular than some other options here (under 300,000 users according to their website), and the paid plans are hard to justify when, for the price of a Leave Me Alone paid plan, you could upgrade to a premium account on Skiff Mail or another service mentioned. inbox landing page.

3. Unroll Me

Description: Unroll.Me offers simple and easy inbox-based tools for quickly unsubscribing from incoming emails. The product’s “rollup” feature provides what is effectively a daily summary of your emails, enabling you to skip reading tedious or annoying emails one-by-one. This product is best used when you want to connect one legacy email account (like Yahoo) and simply reduce incoming email volume.However, you might want to read the cons below before trying them out - Unroll.Me misled users in the past about selling user data, which could be completely disqualifying for any privacy-conscious users.Cons: Unroll.Me faced some privacy concerns in the past, wherein it was revealed that they sold anonymized user data to third parties. Check out this article for more information. While they have since clarified their policies and improved transparency, some users may remain wary or look for such functionality in other services. Additionally, its focus is primarily on newsletters and subscriptions, so users might need other tools for broader email management.
SaneBox dashboard view.

4. SaneBox

Description: SaneBox brings a touch of AI into your email management. By learning your email habits, it efficiently categorizes and prioritizes emails, sending unwanted emails into a separate folder. Its “SaneBlackHole” feature ensures that once you drag an email into this folder, you’ll never see an email from that sender again.Cons: It comes at a price, with the basic plan starting at $59 per year. Some users have found the learning curve to be a bit steep initially. Also, many users should be concerned about the privacy implications of using AI models directly in your inbox. At this price point, you could subscribe to a premium version of Skiff or other full mail products, making it possible to get more value for your money.
Mailstrom unsubscribe in process.

5. MailStrom

Description: Mailstrom identifies bundles of related mail, allowing you to efficiently act on them as a group. One of its standout features is the ability to unsubscribe from a list and all future lists from that sender.Cons: The dashboard might be overwhelming for users who prefer simplicity, and there's no mobile app available.
Cleanfox landing page.

6. Cleanfox

Description: Cleanfox is not just an email unsubscribing tool but also an eco-conscious digital companion. Cleanfox has a relatively friendly user interface and is capable of identifying and displaying newsletters you're subscribed to, allowing you to either delete them or unsubscribe with just a click. Compared to the other services on this list, Cleanfox’s standout feature is its environment-centric approach. For every unsubscribed email, Cleanfox plants a tree, adding a touch of environmental responsibility to your digital cleanup. Furthermore, the platform provides insights into the carbon footprint of your stored emails, educating users about the environmental impact of digital clutter.For environmentally focused users, Cleanfox may be the best option to sustainably clear out your inbox.Cons: Cleanfox primarily focuses on newsletters, meaning you might still need another tool for other types of unwanted emails. Also, while its ecological impact is commendable, some users might be looking for a more feature-rich experience centered purely on email management. Generally, if you have a legacy email provider that works with Cleanfox and are comfortable with their privacy policy, you may want to try it out.
Polymail inbox view.

7. Polymail

Description: Polymail is an email client designed for saving time through automations and quick shortcuts. Beyond the basic functions of sending and receiving emails, Polymail provides advanced features like email tracking, follow-up reminders, message templates, and read receipts.Polymail’s unsubscribe feature complements its suite of productivity tools, letting users quickly detach from unwanted mailing lists with ease.Cons: Polymail's main strength lies in its productivity tools and not specifically in email unsubscribing, which means there are more specialized tools out there for users seeking advanced unsubscribe functionalities.
Clean Email inbox view with unsubscribe info.

8. Clean Email

Description: Clean Email's main goal is to help users organize, clean, and unsubscribe from emails in bulk. Its algorithms categorize your emails so you can quickly view and unsubscribe from multiple senders simultaneously.Cons: The user interface, while comprehensive, might be a tad complex for some users. Some advanced features also require a subscription.
Unlistr product landing page.

9. Unlistr

Description: Unlistr barely makes the cut, as it only works with Outlook at this time. The product indicates it has over 100,000 users and can be integrated directly with Microsoft 365, providing an easy-unsubscribe feature directly in your Outlook inbox.Cons: Because it is less popular and only works with Outlook, we recommend choosing a more powerful, multi-platform unsubscribe product.

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