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Skiff Calendar Launches!

Skiff Calendar is out: Privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted, and easy to use.
Calendar image with shared events.
Skiff Calendar is OUT 🎉 📅In the last year, we’ve launched Skiff Mail, Pages, Drive, and now Calendar to complete the privacy-first workspace. Our mission is to empower freer, more creative, and more expressive communication and collaboration - and a shared calendar brings us even closer to that future.Our calendars store a corpus of our lives - our appointments, our contacts, or family gatherings, and much more. They contain a record of where we go - flights, coffee meetings, and birthday parties - and what we’re working on.Calendars also integrate deeply into the modern workspace. Teams use shared calendars for important meetings; every iOS and Android device relys on calendars for appointments and notifications; event invites are a critical reminder for upcoming meetings or deadlines.Skiff Calendar is an end-to-end encrypted, private calendar that integrates deeply with Skiff Mail, Drive, and Pages. Skiff Calendar allows sending events and updates to external users, syncs across devices, and is built to be completely privacy-first. Read on for more information about how Skiff Calendar works, how to sign up, and what features are available.

What is Skiff Calendar?

Skiff Calendar is an end-to-end encrypted digital calendar for managing your schedule, planning events, and inviting both Skiff and external users. Skiff Calendar is built to be privacy-first, keeping your external attendees private and end-to-end encrypted, and easy to use, with convenient features you’d expect from any other digital calendar.We bulit Skiff to be a privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted workspace for collaborating and communicating. With hundreds of people now using Skiff, Skiff Calendar brings us even closer to realizing this vision.Digital calendars have become a crutch for managing our work, schedules, contacts, and personal life. It’s estimated that 70% of internet-using adults use a digital calendar. Given the deep intersections between email and calendar - as well as privacy and calendar events - building Skiff Calendar has been a high priority.

What platforms are available?

Skiff Calendar is available on the web, with mobile apps for both iOS and Android coming soon. Skiff Calendar is compatible with all major browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Brave, Safari, Edge, and more. As mobile apps become available, Skiff Calendar will deliver notifications for invites, reminders, and upcoming events.

How can I sign up?

Every Skiff user has a Skiff Calendar available at It’s free to use for everyone! If you are on a Pro or Business plan, you’ll also have access to a calendar, which can be used for your full team workspace.If you are signing up for a new Skiff account, navigate to, then create your new account. From there, you’ll be able to choose Calendar from the top left corner.Once you’ve opened Skiff Calendar, you can create events, send invites, and import existing ICS files. We’ll have more import methods coming soon.


Is Skiff Calendar end-to-end encrypted?Skiff Calendar keeps your private event information completely end-to-end encrypted, including the title, location, details, and all external recipients.Can I invite exernal (non-Skiff) attendees?Yes. You can invite any external attendee on another email provider, and they will receive an invite email that will allow synchronization of the event between your and your guest’s calendars. Furthremore, Skiff will not know the email address of your guest.How can I make a recurring event?In the beta version, recurring events are not yet possible. They’ll be available soon!How can I make a shared calendar?Shared calendars will also be available in the next month outside of the beta version.How does Skiff Calendar integrate with Skiff Mail?Events you receive in your Skiff Mail inbox will automatically appear in your Skiff Calendar. Likewise, any invite you send externally to other Skiff users or external users will integrate directly into their calendars, including RSVPs (yes, no, maybe) on events.How can I download Skiff Calendar on iOS, Mac, or Android?Our downloads page links to Mac, iOS, and Android applications. Currently, Skiff Calendar is available on the macOS app and in the web; iOS and Android applications will be released shortly.

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