Skiff Calendar on mobile

Skiff Calendar launches on iOS and Android today! Download the apps for invites, RSVPs, and scheduling, all end-to-end encrypted.
Skiff Calendar mobile app.

Skiff Calendar on mobile

Digital calendars organize and synchronize our lives across devices, jobs, families, and inboxes. From birthday parties and shopping lists to work meetings and job interviews, calendars hold our most precious contacts, life events, and work milestones.Skiff Calendar is an end-to-end encrypted, privacy-first calendar that keeps your schedule private to you. Send invites, synchronize your calendar with your inbox automatically, and schedule meetings privately.Today, the mobile app launch make Skiff Calendar easy to use on the go from any device, automatically synchronizing your meetings, sending critical reminders, and enabling RSVPs and invites with only a couple taps.Below, we include download links to Skiff Calendar on iOS, iPad, and Android. You can also use Skiff Calendar from our native macOS app, which is available on the Skiff downloads page.

Download the iOS app

Visit this link to download Skiff Calendar on the App Store.

Download the Android app

Visit this link to download Skiff Calendar on the Play Store.


Do the mobile apps send reminder notifications?Yes. On launch date, iOS and Android users will receive notifications 10 minutes prior to an event starting.Can you send invites from the mobile apps?Yes. After adding additional guests, click “Save” or “Update” to send an invite to all other guests.Can you add meeting links from the mobile apps?Yes. Click “Add Jitsi meet” to auto populate a meeting link on your event.Can you make recurring calendar events on mobile?Yes. Click the “repeats” button when creating your event, and then select your desired event repetition option.

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