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Catch-all aliases released

Catch-all aliases enable enormous flexibility and powerful privacy for any custom domain. How can you set them up?
Catch-all email alias on domain.

What are catch-all aliases?

Catch-all aliases give more power to your custom domains by forwarding mail sent to any unused alias (such as sales@domain or business@domain) to a single catch-all address. Catch-all aliases enable custom domains to have greater usability - by making sure that no mail is lost - and greater privacy - by ensuring that mail can be received to any custom domain address without revealing any individual user information.Catch-all aliases are particularly helpful in a business email use case, where multiple teams, departments, or groups require proper email receiving and routing. For example, the leader of a sales team may have their address used as a catch-all address, or a customer service team may opt to set one alias as a catch-all address to ensure customer emails and information is properly received.On Skiff, any custom domain can have a catch-all alias. All Skiff paid plans allow for custom domains to be added and shared among all users in your organization.

How can you set up a catch-all alias on Skiff?

Setting up a catch-all alias is incredibly simple and quick once you’ve added and verified a custom domain.
  1. First, make sure your custom domain is added and verified with a green check mark from the custom domain settings page. Note that you will have to be a workspace admin to configure custom domain settings.
  2. Then, add an alias for the custom domain. This can be done from the alias settings page.
  3. Back on the custom domain settings page, click “Set a catch-all address,” and choose any email alias for your custom domain.
  4. That’s it! All mail that does not specify an existing email alias for your domain will now be routed to the catch-all address. This includes both mail to and from other Skiff users and external mail from other mail providers.
Note that custom domains and catch-all aliases can also be added from the Skiff Mail mobile app.

How do catch-all aliases support privacy?

Catch-all aliases are another critical privacy-protecting feature built into Skiff Mail. By using a catch-all alias, you can effectively utilize any alias at your custom domain with no setup required.For example, once you’ve set up a custom domain, you could easily sign up for services using your domain with the emails [email protected], [email protected], and any other alias that you choose.This enables you to easily utilize different aliases for every online service without additional configuration required. Note that Skiff Mail also allows you to set unlimited email aliases at your custom domain, another privacy-preserving practice that we highly recommend.When using a catch-all alias, you may also need to be increasingly watchful of spam or phishing emails, which could be sent to any alias and received at your catchall address.


Can you add multiple catch-all aliases?You can add one catch-all alias per domain. So, if you have multiple custom domains added on Skiff Pro or Business plans, you can add one catch-all alias for each domain.Can you assign a catch-all alias to another user?Yes. You can set the catch-all alias to be any existing email alias for your domain, even if it belongs to another user.Can you disable a catch-all alias?Yes. Once a catch-all alias is selected, simply click “remove” from the alias dropdown to disable it.

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