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Huge Drive performance upgrade

Try out a new and improved Skiff Drive with better upload speeds and performance across large, multi gigabyte files.
Upload progress indicator across three files.
We’ve just released a huge update to Skiff Drive: Now, you can quickly and easily upload and download multi-gigabyte files.Previously, Drive upload and download was significantly limited by your device’s memory, wherein a large (even 200 MB+) file could lead to significant memory usage. For some users, this led to tabs crashing, files failing to upload, and inconsistent upload or download behavior across devices.Now, Skiff Drive streams end-to-end encrypted uploads and downloads directly from your browser to your device, enabling users on any device, including memory-constrained mobile phones, to efficiently upload and download significant amounts of data.

Skiff Drive plans

Below, we’ve included a table of pricing plans for Skiff Free, Pro, and Business tiers on Skiff. Business plans bring higher storage limits, more aliases, custom domains, and larger workspaces for your families, teams, and enterprises.
Drive storage10 GB100 GB1 TB
Sending messages (limit)200/dayUnlimitedUnlimited
Folders and labels5UnlimitedUnlimited
Custom signatures
Auto reply
Schedule or undo send
Email + doc text search
E2EE link sharing
Document limitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited aliases41015
Custom domains0215
Workspace collaborators66Unlimited
Doc version history24 hoursUnlimitedUnlimited
You can upgrade to the Pro or Business tiers inside the Skiff plans page to immediately increase your storage from 10 GB to 100 GB (Pro) or 1 TB (Business).


How can you use Skiff Drive?Skiff Drive is accessible via the web client at There is also an iOS Skiff Drive app (, and Drive can be used from the native macOS app as well. You can upload files to Drive from the Android Skiff Pages app, and a dedicated Skiff Drive on Android is coming soon.What are the storage limits for files?On the Free plan, you have a total of 10 GB of storage across all Skiff products. On the Pro plan, each workspace user has 100 GB of storage. On the Business plan, each user has 1 TB of storage that can be used across Mail, Calendar, Pages, and Drive.Can files be uploaded or downloaded from mobile devices?Yes! You can easily upload and download Skiff Drive files from any mobile or Desktop app. Visit for all mobile and desktop app downloads.How can you sync files to desktop clients on macOS, Windows, or Linux?Skiff Drive does not have a folder synchronization client yet. However, files are instantly synced across all devices and clients, including web and mobile. As a result, you can use the native apps or macOS app to synchronize files easily across different devices. The web clients can also be used for simple file or folder upload and download.

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