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File embeds: Upload any file to Skiff

Embed any file privately in Skiff Pages.
Upload and embed private images and files into Skiff Drive
Today, we’re releasing Embeds - a new way to share any type of file with the security of end-to-end encryption.Now, you can drag and drop any file — from audio to video to GIF’s — into a page on Skiff. Furthermore, if you enable decentralized storage in your account settings, your embedded files will be decentralized and stored on IPFS.To start, drag-and-drop a file into the Skiff page you want it to appear in. You’ll see a progress indicator as your file is end-to-end encrypted and embedded.If your enable decentralized storage on IPFS, you’ll see a cube indicator linking to the data’s content identifier (CID) and its encryption key. Just like all data on Skiff, everything uploaded to IPFS is end-to-end encrypted.We’ll be covering embeds in our next office hours and newsletter. In the meantime, if you have any questions, join the conversation on our Discord or email us at [email protected].

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