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Quick guide: Get your custom domain set up

How can you add a custom domain to your Skiff account? Learn more in this guide.
Dropdown with list of aliases and custom domains listed.
Have you already upgraded to the Pro or Business plan and need some quick tips on setting up a custom email domain? You’ve come to the right place.This blog covers how to connect your domain name to your account, add aliases for you and your colleagues, and create a business email or personal address with your own, custom domain name.

Adding your DNS records

First, visit the Mail custom domains settings page: Click settings, then click “Custom domains.” On mobile, click the gear icon in the top right, and then “Setup domain” (yes, you can configure custom domains from mobile as well).Then, click “add domain,” and type in your domain name. Click “next,” and wait for the loading spinner to finish loading.Now, you’ll be on a screen with a list of DNS records for your domain, including an MX record, two TXT records, and two CNAME records. You’ll need to add all of these records to your domain from your hosting provider.Once you’ve navigated to your hosting provider or domain registrar, add each record for your domain. Note that you must have the Skiff MX record at priority zero, and the other records must be copied in perfectly for your domain to verify properly.After copying in all of the records, that’s it! Wait approximately five to ten minutes for your records to publish, then for Skiff to verify them.

Adding aliases

You’ve verified your custom domain. What’s next?You can now add any number of aliases for that domain from the custom domains settings page. First, click “add alias” next to your domain. Then, in the popup, type in your desired alias, which can even be one character! From there, you’ll want to type in an alias, and then click “add.” You’ll see the alias show up below your custom domain.From there, you can now send and receive mail using this alias on your custom domain!

Using aliases across multiple users

Now, what if you want to add multiple users with aliases for your custom domain? This is a common case for business email addresses.First, add people to your workspace from your Skiff Pages or Drive dashboard ( Click settings, then your workspace name, and “add members.” Or, share your “Everyone” team. New users will need a new account to join your workspace.From there, all users added to your workspace will be able to add aliases on any custom domains you’ve verified for that workspace. Once you’ve added users to your workspace, Skiff can become a great email provider for businesses, teams, families, and other organizations that seek to have email accounts for team members with a shared domain name. Startups can also leverage our Skiff for Startups program, which provides up to $1,000 of credit for your organization to join on the Pro or Business plans.

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