One-click Gmail import to Skiff

Import your emails from Skiff to Gmail with just one click.
Gmail import into Skiff Mail.
Import from Gmail, now with only one click inside your Skiff inbox.Skiff Mail is designed to bring total privacy and security to your inbox, with end-to-end encrypted messages, tracker blocking and protection, and aliases for owning your identity. Today, your journey to privacy becomes even simpler with one-click migration from Gmail.

How to migrate?

First, visit the import page inside Skiff Mail. Then, click “import” next to the Gmail icon. You’ll be prompted with a modal to “Sign in with Google,” and you will be redirected to a page to sign in with your Google Account. After that, click “allow” to grant access to Skiff, and you will be redirected to your Skiff inbox.At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see an update in the bottom right corner that your emails from Gmail are importing. It may take minutes or hours to import large inboxes, which can have tens or hundreds of thousands of emails.If you want to disable import, simply visit the import page again and click “disable” next to the Gmail icon.

Auto-syncing inbox

Your Gmail inbox will continue to sync with your Skiff account until you disable import from the import settings page. This means that new emails sent to your Gmail account will also be sent to your Skiff inbox; they will remain marked as read inside Skiff.If you want them to be unread inside Skiff, we would suggest enabling forwarding from Gmail to Skiff instead, which will send over new emails to Skiff. You can see instructions on enabling forwarding inside the forwarding settings.


Can I add labels or migrate to folders?Not yet, but this is coming soon. You’ll be able to apply labels to all imported mail, or categorize it into a folder. If you want to take advantage of this feature, we would suggest waiting to import your emails and joining our Discord for updates.Will new emails continue to sync?Yes. Until you disconnect your inbox from the import page, new emails sent to your Gmail account will continue to populate inside your Skiff account.Are imported emails searchable?Yes! If you are importing thousands of emails, it may take time for all of your emails to be properly indexed and searchable. Then, you will be able to search email subject, content, sender, and to/cc/bcc addresses.Does imported mail count towards my storage quota?Yes. All imported mail counts towards your storage quota, just like normal received mail.What happens if I run out of storage space?If you run out of storage space during the import process, the import will stop, and you will be unable to send or receive emails. You can upgrade to 100 GB of storage on the Pro plan, and 1 TB of storage on the Business plan from the in-app plans page.

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