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Total Privacy - No Ph.D. Required

An Interview with Skiff’s Director of Security.
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On April 3rd, Hosting Advice published an interview with our Director of Security, Nishil Shah, on how Skiff pushes the envelope in providing end-to-end encrypted, privacy-preserving products. Skiff offers four products - Pages, Drive, Calendar, and Mail - for end-to-end encrypted collaboration and communication. Skiff is continuing to make privacy-preserving advancements, from end-to-end encrypted real-time collaboration to client-side search algorithms, to improve the next generation worksuite.Today, individual users can take advantage of our collaboration suite for free or gain access to custom domains and additional storage on our Essential plan for just $3/month. For teams, Skiff products offer a feature-complete solution to the Google and Microsoft style productivity suites for communicating and collaborating on Pro and Business Plans.Larger teams can also take advantage of custom domains, shared teams, and shared links for collaborating externally. We also launched paid plans with Pro and Business tiers for individuals, families, and teams. Skiff’s paid tiers offer more storage space (up to one terabyte per user), extra email aliases (up to fifteen per user), additional version history, and shorter email aliases.
Drive storage10 GB100 GB1 TB
Folders and labels5UnlimitedUnlimited
Custom signatures
Auto reply
Schedule or undo send
Email + doc text search
E2EE link sharing
Document limitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited aliases41015
Custom domains0215
Workspace collaborators66Unlimited
Doc version history24 hoursUnlimitedUnlimited

More technical info

To learn more about how Skiff works, check out our technical whitepaper at Our whitepaper details technical specifications of how end-to-end encryption protects your data across all Skiff products.If you’re looking to learn about how Skiff does real-time collaboration with end-to-end encryption - an industry first - check out our blog. We also wrote a detailed technical blog on how Skiff performs client-side search over your data - keeping it private at all times.Finally, Skiff Mail is open-source, allowing others to review and inspect the product codebase. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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