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How to pay in crypto?

Cryptocurrencies are now used by hundreds of millions of people. How can you pay for Skiff in crypto?
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Cryptocurrencies have the potential to revolutionize the global payments industry. They are fast, secure, and offer a level of anonymity that is not possible with traditional payment methods. Cryptocurrencies are also decentralized, meaning they are not subject to the control of governments or financial institutions. This gives users more control over their own finances and allows for the development of new and innovative applications.Skiff recently launched cryptocurrency payments, allowing for you to check out for the Pro plan in a completely anonymous manner using a self custodial wallet. Currently, Skiff supports BTC, ETH, and USDC. This blog goes over why you may want to use crypto payments, how they work, and how you can use them on Skiff.

Why pay with crypto?

Cryptocurrencies are a type of digital asset that rely on cryptography for security. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, meaning they are not subject to government or financial institution control. Bitcoin, the first and most well-known cryptocurrency, was created in 2009. Cryptocurrencies are often traded on decentralized exchanges and can also be used to purchase goods and services.Cryptocurrencies offer a number of advantages over traditional payment methods such as credit cards or cash. Cryptocurrencies are fast, secure, and pseudonymous. Transactions are verified and recorded on a public blockchain, ensuring that they cannot be tampered with or reversed. Cryptocurrencies are also borderless, meaning they can be used to send and receive payments anywhere in the world.

How to make a crypto payment?

When it comes to making payments with cryptocurrencies, there are a few different options. You can use a service like BitPay, which allows you to pay for goods and services with Bitcoin, or you can use a peer-to-peer payment system like Ethereum's. There are also a few different ways to convert your coins into cash, such as using a Bitcoin ATM or selling them on a cryptocurrency exchange.’s merchant payment product also allows service providers, such as Shopify online stores, to integrate digital currency payments.Overall, cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency wallets are becoming more and more popular for payments and other transactions, and companies like BitPay and Coinbase have offered APIs and configurations for merchants to use. They offer a convenient and secure way to send and receive money, and their popularity is only likely to continue to grow in the years to come.

What wallets and currencies?

The biggest cryptocurrencies - namely Bitcoin and Ethereum - remain highly popular for supporting online payments. However, other currencies, including USDC, are also becoming increasingly popular for online payments. Offering payment products has also been a key route of expansion for crypto companies.For example, Coinbase recently launched Coinbase Commerce, which allows companies to accept cryptocurrencies in an online checkout interface, like Stripe or another online payment processor. When visiting a site - like Skiff’s plans page - users can simply connect a wallet, or sign in with their Coinbase account to checkout.Other payment processors are also becoming popular. Bitpay is a large and commonly product for adding Bitcoinpayment processing to a site, in a manner similar to how Stripe (or Coinbase Commerce) would allow for online checkout).All wallets inherently support the ability to perform crypto payments, including MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Phantom, Keplr, and others. A crypto payment is simply sending cryptocurrency to another user - in this case, Skiff. Any merchant that has started accepting crypto can either provide a payment gateway, which will manage the transaction set up, or could simply provide a wallet address to deposit funds.

How to pay with crypto on Skiff

First, sign up for a Skiff account at You can sign up with a username and a password, or just use a crypto wallet, including Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, Brave Wallet, Keplr Wallet, or more. If you sign up without a crypto wallet, you can still pay for a Skiff Pro subscription with crypto!After completing your account onboarding, visit the plans page to compare the Pro and Business tiers. Note that only the Pro tier can be paid for with cryptocurrency at this time; the Business tier requires a credit card or debit card to check out in USD as it may be used for businesses with variable numbers of people.Once you’ve settled on the Pro plan, click the banner at the top that offers the crypto payment options. From there, you’ll be prompted with different options, including using a custodial wallet and signing into your Coinbase account. You can currently pay with USDC, BTC, and Ethereum, which will have variable transaction fees.That’s it! You’ll be immediately upgraded to Pro features once your transaction confirms. If you have any questions about the process, email [email protected].


What currencies are accepted?Skiff currently accepts BTC, ETH, and USDC. Skiff also accepts fiat currency payments via Stripe for both the Business and Pro tiers.What wallets can be used?You can use any Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USDC wallet. You’ll be presented with instructions and a QR code to send a transaction and confirm your payment.How can I pay for a team?Currently, you can only pay for a team on the Business plan with a credit or debit card. If you’re interested in paying for a larger team on the Business plan in crypto, contact [email protected].What features are available on the Pro plan? What about the Business plan?To learn more about Skiff’s payment plans, visit our payments page. Generally, the Pro plan offers significantly higher storage, extra aliases, custom domains, and more. The Business plan offers a terabyte of storage, even more aliases, additional custom domains, and access to team sharing features for larger groups of people. The best plan for your use case depends on your storage needs, communication needs, and team size.Can I still connect a crypto wallet without paying in crypto?Yes! You can still connect many different wallet aliases and benefit from signup, end-to-end encrypted email, and end-to-end encrypted collaborative documents and files without paying in crypto. If you pay in fiat currency, you can also still connect wallets for communication and identity.How can I renew my payment?You’ll be prompted to renew in-app and will be able to subscribe for additional years of the Pro plan. If you choose not to renew, your account will lose access to premium features.What level of privacy comes with crypto payments?Most cryptocurrencies afford pseudo-anonymity but expose public transactions based on wallets. The most private cryptocurrencies are typically those that offer the greatest degree of anonymity and privacy for wallet address holders and transacting parties. Some of the most private cryptocurrencies include Monero, Dash, and Zcash. These cryptocurrencies typically make use of features such as stealth addresses and private transactions in order to keep user data hidden from the public ledger.

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