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Introducing Skiff Workspaces

End-to-end encrypted collaboration spaces that allow you to organize your work around teams, projects, or topics.
Collaborate on Skiff teams and workspaces shared secure drive
Today, we’re rolling out Skiff Workspaces, a new way to simply and securely manage your team’s collaboration.Skiff Workspaces are end-to-end encrypted collaboration spaces that allow you to organize your work around teams, projects, or topics.If you’ve used Slack, then you already know what workspaces are all about. They promote knowledge-sharing across an organization and allow you to group collaborators into specialized teams and focus areas.But the Slack comparison only goes so far. Skiff Workspaces are distinguished by being completely end-to-end encrypted, meaning that control of your data is always in your hands.

Access levels: Invite-Only vs. Everyone

Skiff Workspaces are organized around teams. You can create a team for anything — engineering, sales, a new product launch, or (dank) memes.When you create a team, you have the option to make it accessible to everyone within a workspace, or to make it invite-only, which limits all the Pages within that team to designated collaborators. Use invite-only teams when you want to keep information on a need-to-know basis.Admin controlsAdmins of Skiff Workspaces have granular control over team membership and permissions. They can control individual access levels and assign roles, including editors, viewers and additional admins.

Workspaces are private from the ground up

Your team’s data is valuable. Unlike other collaboration platforms, on Skiff, you truly own it. End-to-end encryption, granular admin controls, and optional decentralized file storage mean that no one — not even Skiff — ever has access to any of the data in your workspace unless you choose to share it with them.Who it’s forSkiff Workspaces are for anyone who collaborates online and cares about the security of their data. Entrepreneurs, crypto protocol teams, media organizations, nonprofits, and investment firms all use Skiff to maintain data autonomy and boost the productivity and peace of mind of their remote teams.Sign up today for unlimited usersReady to create a Skiff Workspace and start collaborating privately?If you sign up during our beta period, we’ll give you unlimited users in your workspace. Sign into Skiff to create and invite your team members to your very own Skiff Workspace.

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