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Locking down your documents

Learn how Skiff's security features protect your most sensitive information
Password lock and secure end-to-end encrypted documents and files

Security Toolbar

At Skiff, we've set out to build a workspace that's not only open but fundamentally more secure. To help you write and share documents more securely, we've built out an entire toolbar of privacy-first utilities. These powerful features provide you with both peace of mind and a greater ability to collaborate.

Expiring Access

When sharing collaborators on a document use the expiration controls to limit access. Simply select a date, and your collaborator will automatically be unshared from the document on that date.Note: In the beta, you can't expire editors since they have the ability to control and reset expiration settings. It's also important to remember that collaborators can always copy/paste or screenshot a document, so this feature is best used for restricting future – not current – access to the document.

Document Locks

Locks can add an extra level of protection for your most sensitive work. Just set a passphrase of your choosing, and everyone on the document (including yourself) will be required to enter the phrase each time they open the document. Locks are especially useful when combined with secure links. Using a passphrase-protected link, you can restrict access even if someone shares the link publicly.Note: When you add a lock, make sure to remember the passphrase – if you forget the passphrase, you will not be able to recover the document.


Use watermarks to protect ownership of your document. When you add a watermark, text will appear on every page of the document like a stamp. Viewers will not be able to remove or replace the watermark, even if they export the document as a PDF.

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