New page design

All pages will now have titles, icons, and descriptions.
New Skiff pages document structure and design
Today, we’re rolling out a new design for Pages (FKA documents) on Skiff. As tens of thousands of individuals and teams have signed up to use Skiff, we’ve received thousands of feature ideas and support requests via our Twitter, Discord, and app. Many of these requests center on the same theme: making it easier to find and organize your information on Skiff.Now, pages are structured with three new features: Titles, icons, and descriptions.TitlesNew page titles synchronize with your dashboard and file tree, making it easier for you to organize, find, and share pages in your workspace.IconsIcons enable creative customization for every page in Skiff. Click the icon at the top of every page (or to the left of page titles in the sidebar) to customize the page icon. Choose the icon and color that best fit your work.DescriptionsOptional page descriptions provide additional context and information. To edit a page description, select the page’s title, and an area for description text will open. From there, add any relevant information, context, or descriptors to the page.Comments or questions? Join our Discord here →
Click the square to update the pages icon and color.

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