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New Skiff tiers

Skiff Pro and Skiff Business plans are now released. How can you use them to add custom domains, increase storage space, and onboard your team?
Pricing tiers list with different features in free, Pro, and Business plans.
Today, we’re launching new payment tiers - Skiff Pro and Skiff Business - that offer additional functionality, flexibility, and scalability for every Skiff user. Almost one year ago, we launched Skiff Pages to the world, and we subsequently released Skiff Mail and Skiff Drive to build an entire workspace of privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted products for communicating and collaborating.On Skiff, all of your data is owned by you. Every file, page, and message is stored encrypted with a key that only you own. This core principle remains true regardless of which plan you’re on, so everyone in the world can benefit from privacy-first collaboration and communication.Our paid plans are designed to augment the power and capabilities of using Skiff products. From adding more storage space and email aliases, to custom domains and higher messaging limits, Skiff Pro and Skiff Business are designed for individuals, businesses, and families to thrive at scale.

Pro features for Mail, Drive, and Pages

Mail users will now have access to a number of paid features, including additional email aliases to send and receive email. Free users are still able to sign up for four free aliases. Pro and Business users can access custom domains for personalizing their email address, as well as a higher message limit for sending emails every day. All users continue to benefit from organization features (folders/labels), undo send, schedule send, custom signatures, auto replies, and more.Drive users will mainly benefit from higher upload limits and increased storage space. While Pro users can utilize up to 100 GB of data across Mail, Pages, and Drive, Business users will have up to 1 TB of storage space per account.The Pages paid features have also been increased. Now, you will be able to have unlimited workspace collaborators on the Business Plan, which will include shared custom domains and a full shared space for your files, documents, and more. Every user will still benefit from shareable links, full text search, and version history.

Using Skiff for your team

With Skiff Pro and Skiff Business, teams of any size can benefit from a full alternative to big-tech productivity suites. This allows you to send unique onboarding links to new users, who will be able to join your workspace and benefit from shared storage space, custom domains, and a single paid tier for everyone on your team.Startups can still apply to our Skiff for Startups program and receive up to $1,000 in credit for onboarding their team.

Existing Pro accounts

Existing Pro accounts will be automatically upgraded to the new Pro plans! This means that every Pro user will receive extra email aliases, custom domains, and increased storage limits free of charge.


If you have questions, contact us at [email protected] anytime. You can also ask questions in our Discord community, or message us on Twitter. If you’re looking for a personalized onboarding session for your team, you can reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll find time for a Skiff team member to help support your community with a privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted workspace.We’re excited to share these new tiers with you today and bring more private, powerful, and usable products to the world.

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