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Skiff Mail is Open Source

Check out Skiff Mail's product source code.
Skiff Mail open source github repository
We’re excited to announce that Skiff Mail’s entire client code – including web, iOS, Android, and Desktop apps – will be completely open source at Skiff Mail.Starting today at launch, anyone will be able to check out the product codebase - understanding and ensuring how all data on Skiff Mail is completely end-to-end encrypted before ever leaving your device. We’ve also updated our Whitepaper to provide a detailed overview of Skiff Mail’s technical architecture and underlying cryptographic protocols.We have been committed to open source software since the very beginning of Skiff. We strongly believe that privacy cannot be just a promise; software must be available for anyone to independently audit and validate.In addition to Skiff Mail, we’ve already open sourced our component library (Skiff UI), encryption libraries (Typed Envelopes), and client-side search engine (Trawler). We will continue to open source Skiff as our ecosystem of products grows.As developers, we love working closely with the open source community. You can join our discord community to submit questions, suggest contributions, or just share what you’re working on. We will also be regularly updating the Skiff Mail repo to stay in-sync with the live version of the app.

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