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PCMag Editor’s Choice and more

Skiff was selected for the PCMag Editor's Choice award.
PC magazine awards Skiff an outstanding rating
We’re excited to announce that Skiff Mail has been awarded the PCMag Editor’s Choice award and an “Outstanding” review. Check out the full review here, which goes into incredible depth on Skiff’s Mail, Drive, and Pages products, as well as all the different ways you can leverage the sharing and security functionality for your team.

Detailed review of search, organizations, and more

Neil Rubenking’s review contains a detailed description of how searching on Skiff works. On Skiff Mail, all emails are searchable by default - a rare feature release in an end-to-end encrypted communication product.As the article specifies, Skiff has pioneered open-source, client-side search algorithms for sequencing and searching through end-to-end encrypted data. For more information on how search works in Skiff Mail and Skiff Pages, read our technical blog post “Take a walk on the client side.”

MFA, aliases, apps, and more

The incredibly thorough review also discusses how every Skiff user can benefit from using multiple email aliases, downloading native apps on iOS, Android, and Mac desktops. Downloading apps earns credit towards a Pro subscription, which provides extra storage space and other additional features.

Skiff Mail, Drive, and Pages integration

In the final sections, the PCMag review offers a detailed introduction to Skiff Pages and Skiff Drive - fully end-to-end encrypted products for collaboration, note taking, file storage, and sharing. Files can be dragged and dropped into the webapp, created from scratch, or adapted from the in-app template library.Skiff’s in-app editor allows for significant customization, including text color, highlighting, sophisticated tables, and more. For external collaboration, every user can also click “Publish” to share end-to-end encrypted viewable or editable links. These links can easily be shared in a messaging app, email, or chat function. To learn more about link sharing on Skiff, check out our videos page.

Skiff on PrivacyTools

Skiff has also been added to, one of the top sources for trusted information about privacy-respecting services all over the web. Check out the site to learn more about privacy-respecting products for collaborating, communicating, and more.

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