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Skiff shortcuts

Shortcut commands for Skiff Mail, Pages, and Drive
Power users are like people who are constantly playing a game of 'hot lava' where everything but the keyboard is lava — if their hands ever have to leave the keyboard, they die.Skiff supports an ever-growing list of keyboard shortcuts that are designed to make power users feel right at home. Read on to learn about the most essential time-saving shortcuts.

Slash commands

Slash commands were first popularized by IRC (Internet Relay Chat) enabling users to execute commands as easily as they could send messages. A few examples are /join #channelname to join a specific channel or /msg nickname to start a private chat with someone.IRC has steadily declined in popularity since its peak in 2003. Since then, other popular messaging and productivity tools, notably including Slack, have picked up the feature and brought it to a new generation of power users.On Skiff, you can type / anytime to reveal a list of commands to modify their current page. Slash commands are searchable. For example, starting to type /Table will quickly filter available commands and prompt you with the option to insert a Table. Similarly, /Subpage , /Heading , /Todo list , insert just what you’d expect. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, scroll up and down the list using arrow keys to discover all the possible commands.


There’s an old proverb that says: "If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together."With Skiff, looping in your collaborators is as easy as typing the @ character, making group efforts just as fast as solo missions. Use the @ mention feature to mention a collaborator or mention a page.When you mention a collaborator, they’ll receive a notification that will let them quickly jump into the document you’re referencing. When mentioning a page, a handy in-line link is created, making it easy to tie documents together even if they aren’t in the same hierarchical structure.Together, both types of mentions make it straightforward to keep everyone on the same … ahem … page and to keep as much of your communication as possible contained to one platform. Mentions mean there’s no need to message a teammate a link to your document or copy-paste content from one platform to another — it’s an efficient, private and secure way to work.

Quick Actions

The Quick Actions menu lets you search and interact with your entire Workspace at lightning speed. Either click the Search button in the left sidebar or hit Cmd + p to open the quick actions menu. This allows you to search, create a new page or folder, upload files, open settings, or re-open recently modified documents all without leaving the active page.

Tabs, tabs, tabs

Some people cover their desk with drafts, research, and sticky notes. Others like to brainstorm on a whiteboard (real or virtual). In the age of digital collaboration, a lot of us like to open tons of tabs and switch between them all day long.For the tab lovers out there, we’re here for you. Open any page in a new tab with cmd + left click . Keep everything you need within one click by opening as many Skiff tabs as your heart desires.

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