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Skiff Contacts launch

Create, manage, and delete your contacts with the new Skiff Contacts settings.
Skiff Contacts manager.
Email is the essential form of digital communication, bringing families, companies, and collaborators together across the world. As we communicate and collaborate with more people, managing contacts is a critical part of any personal or professional work.In this blog, we’ll walk through the new Skiff Contacts features built into every Skiff Product. In addition to customizing contact preferences and settings, your contact list makes it easier to share, invite, or email any of your friends, colleagues, or family members.

Set names, profile pictures, and more

Skiff Contacts is built into every Skiff product: Mail, Pages, Drive, and Calendar. From the contacts settings page, you can create new contacts or update any existing contacts, including name, email address, and custom profile pictures for every contact.Any member of your organization will automatically be added to your contact list, keeping your colleagues immediately within reach.

Mobile, desktop, web, and more

Sending a calendar invite? Sharing a Skiff Page? Sending a critical end-to-end encrypted email?Skiff Contacts are automatically synchronized across every Skiff product and application. Your contact list is a single source of all suggested recipients, making sure you always email, share, or invite the right people.

Contacts automatically update

Whenever you email a new address, a contact is automatically created in your contacts settings. Initially, only an email address will be autopopulated, but you can easily customize additional fields, including first name, last name, preferred color, and a unique profile picture for your new contact. Contacts are also automatically created whenever you send a calendar invite to a new email address.At any point, you can delete, remove, or modify contacts from the contacts settings page, which is accessible from any Skiff product (Mail, Drive, Pages, and Calendar).

Spam, filtering, and more

As Skiff Mail becomes even more powerful with more spam, filtering, and inbox organization features, contacts represent a reliable, trustworthy, and transparent way to keep your inbox private and safe. Contacts help filter out any unwanted email, spam, and senders who may try to phish or impersonate legitimate contacts.For more information on how Skiff Mail protects your inbox, check out our blog on blocking remote content and how to keep your email inbox protected.

Questions, comments, or feature requests?

If you have any questions or feature requests regarding how contacts work or integrate into Skiff products, you can reach out to us anytime onTwitter, Discord, Reddit, or at [email protected].

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