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Skiff Credits

Invite friends to join Skiff or import documents and earn credits towards a Skiff Pro plan
Earn referral credits on Skiff
At Skiff, we’re not satisfied with the way the internet works right now. We want to live in a world where our digital lives are as private as our physical lives.Today, we’re introducing Skiff Credits, a new way to reward people who are working to make not only their own but also other’s digital lives more private and secure.Skiff Credits are simple: We reward you with credits that can be put toward a Skiff Pro plan when you carry out steps like inviting a friend to join you on Skiff or importing documents from Google Docs.We want all our users to experience the capabilities of the Skiff platform to its fullest, and there’s no better way to do that then with a Skiff Pro plan. Skiff Credits can help you unlock the full range of our most powerful features on Pro.How can I earn credits?At the moment, there are two ways you can earn Skiff credits:
  1. Invite friends to sign up and create a Skiff account
  2. Import files from Google Docs
Earning credits by inviting friends to sign up for SkiffSkiff is better with friends. Not only does inviting your friends mean more people to collaborate with, but it will also earn you a hefty sum of Skiff Credits. For every friend that signs up, both you AND them will be rewarded with a whopping $10 in Skiff Credits — that’s enough for both of you to get a full month of Skiff Pro access.
Tip. Go to settings to manage and earn credits.
You can earn credits for up to six invites (for a total of $60), meaning that you can easily get a cool half year of Skiff Pro access by bringing privacy to your friends and coworkers.Earning credits by importing from Google DocsSwitching to a new platform can seem daunting, but Skiff makes it ridiculously easy to port over documents from Google Docs — it’s just one button. No matter how little effort it takes, we still want to reward people who recognize the importance of making their workspace and their data more private.So we’re giving Skiff Credits to users who import files from Google Docs. Each doc you import will earn you $1 in Skiff Credits, up to a maximum of $15.To make the switch and claim your credits, just hit the upload button on your Skiff dashboard and you’ll see the option to import files from Google Docs.Where can I see my credits?You can pop over to the settings page and check how many credits you’ve earned anytime. The credits you see here are the one's that haven't been applied, so don't worry if you don't see your recently applied credits in this balance.
Tip. Click the '?' button in the bottom right corner to earn credits.
What can I use my credits for?Once you’ve saved up some Skiff Credits, you can apply them to a new (or existing) Pro subscription. Pro subscriptions unlock the full power of Skiff, with additional storage capacity, decentralized file storage, full text search, and more.Skiff Credits are fully integrated with Stripe’s customer credit balance system. When you hit the apply button we’ll pass your credits to Stripe and they will take care of the rest.
Does it work with crypto subscriptions?Skiff partnered with Coinbase Commerce to allow users to seamlessly and securely pay for Skiff Pro with cryptocurrency. Currently, Skiff Credits can’t be applied to a subscription paid for with Ethereum, Bitcoin, or USDC. However, we’ll be rolling this feature out soon.Try Skiff Credits for yourself here.

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