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Skiff Drive on Android launch

Skiff Drive is live on Android.
Skiff Drive Android homescreen logo.
Starting today, you can download the Skiff Drive app on Android. The Skiff Drive app is built to empower painless, private, and completely secure file upload, collaboration, and sharing.Our files contain life’s most private information, personal memories, and professional work, from family photos to identifying documents. On Skiff Drive, you can upload, download, and share files of any type: Images, sound, or more. In Skiff Drive, every file is stored completely end-to-end encrypted - including the file’s name, contents, and file type - thereby keeping your personal information private.When working with your team, family, or company, share entire folders of documents on Skiff Drive. Depending on your plan, you can can easily upload files up to multiple gigabytes in size.

Preview, upload, and export

Skiff Drive’s mobile and web apps also support previewing files, giving you an easy way to view, sample, and reorganize your files and folders. View images, listen to audio files, or preview videos directly inside the Skiff Drive app.If you choose to export, you can download files directly to your device - on Android, iOS, macOS, or on any web browser. You can also import any file directly from your device into Skiff Drive’s end-to-end encrypted storage.

Earn credit towards Skiff paid plans

When you download and sign in on the app, you’ll also earn $10 of Skiff Credit to apply to any Skiff Pro or Skiff Business subscription (note that you can only earn app download credit once).For more information about Skiff’s paid plans, check out the table below:
Drive storage10 GB100 GB1 TB
Folders and labels5UnlimitedUnlimited
Custom signatures
Auto reply
Schedule or undo send
Email + doc text search
E2EE link sharing
Document limitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited aliases41015
Custom domains0215
Workspace collaborators66Unlimited
Doc version history24 hoursUnlimitedUnlimited
To sign up for a new Skiff account, visit


Is Skiff Drive also accessible on iOS?Yes. Download the Skiff Drive iOS app from you use Skiff Drive on desktop?Yes! Skiff Drive can be used in any web browser or from the macOS desktop app. To download the Skiff macOS app, visit you preview files in Skiff Drive?Yes. Image, video, and audio files can be previewed inside Skiff Drive.Can you share public links to files?Yes. Click share, then “publish” to create a publicly accessible download link.

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