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Introducing Skiff for Startups

Skiff for Startups partners (Sequoia, Protocol Labs, SV Angel, Neo, and Ramp)
Starting today, Skiff is excited to offer all startups up to $1000 of Skiff Credit. This gives startups of all sizes access to the Pro and Business versions of Skiff‘s current offerings: Skiff Mail, Skiff Pages, and Skiff Drive. To apply for the Skiff for Startups program, startups can fill out a quick form on our website found here.At Skiff, we are dedicated to the goal of making privacy-first products more accessible, intuitive, and user-friendly. As a result, we've built a fully end-to-end encrypted, private workspace:Skiff Mail lets users create an encrypted, secure, and private email address to send and receive emails with peace of mind.Skiff Calendar is an end-to-end encrypted, private calendar, keeping your schedule private to you,Skiff Pages enables users to write and store sensitive information that can be easily shared with collaborators, without ever breaking client-side encryption.Skiff Drive enables fully end-to-end encrypted file storage. These files can be easily accessed, downloaded and, retrieved. All your files are encrypted on your device, and Skiff never has access to any of your files.We actively strive to improve our users experience of Skiff every single day. Whether it be adding new features, adding whole new products, or improving our icons and UI/UX, we aim to give our users the best experience possible. We are excited for the future.

Skiff for Startups

There are two ways to be involved in Skiff for Startups. If you are a startup you can earn up to a $1,000 of Skiff Credit for your team instantly after applying.If you are an organization that supports startups you can apply here to be a Skiff Partner and earn $1,000 of Skiff Credit for your portfolio companies.

What can you get with your Skiff for Startups credits

You can redeem your Skiff credits for a Skiff Pro or Business account. This will let you have increased storage, unlimited version history, unlimited collaborators, and custom domains. On a Business plan, credit can also be redeemed for multiple users in your organization.

Who is eligible for Skiff for Startups

Any startup can apply for the Skiff for Startups program. We evaluate each application individually and applicants receive between $500 and $1,000 of credit, depending on the associated partner and company size.

How do you become a Skiff for Startups partner

You can apply here.


Contact us at h[email protected]. We're excited to support you and your team!

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