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Skiff featured on It's FOSS

Skiff was featured in a review on It's FOSS, a community of Linux and open-source software enthusiasts.
Skiff and It's FOSS logo feature graphic.
Linux or open-source software enthusiast? You might enjoy reading the Skiff Mail review on It’s FOSS, a community of open-source software and Linux enthusiasts.Or, check out the full review here.

"Dashing," secure, and privacy-friendly

The Skiff Mail review covered account setup and basic usage, including user onboarding, composing messages, setting up the mobile app, and security settings. Security settings highlighted include -
  • Blocking remote content - which can stop all email tracking, including open detection
  • Two-factor authentication - including one-time passwords (OTP) and hardware keys, like a Yubikey
  • Verification phrases - a mnemonic phrase that allows Skiff users to identify each other
Additional privacy-protecting features include the ability to add crypto wallets as email aliases; for example, if you generate a new wallet that you want to use for a single transaction or owning one asset, you can connect it to Skiff for use as a communication method.

Switching to Skiff Mail

It’s FOSS moved on to cover switching to Skiff and taking advantage of the full privacy-first workspace.Skiff offers numerous import options, including one-click import from Gmail and Outlook or file-based import options for EML and MBOX files. You can also easily port over a custom domain, with Skiff as one of the only providers allowing a custom domain on the free tier.

More than private email

It’s FOSS spent some time covering Skiff’s other products, including Calendar, Pages, and Drive - which are all end-to-end encrypted and privacy-first. With an entire privacy-first ecosystem at your disposal, shifting to a product that is secure and easy to use has never been easier.


Skiff is all about community. Feel free to join our Discord, Reddit, or follow us on Twitter for daily updates. If you have feature requests, you can also add them to our public feature request roadmap here.

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