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Skiff is on PrivacyTools

All four Skiff products - Mail, Pages, Drive, and Calendar - are now recommended on!
Skiff on PrivacyTools.
Skiff’s privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted products - Skiff Mail, Skiff Pages, Skiff Drive, and Skiff Calendar - are now recommended on, an independent guide for finding privacy-first products that advance your digital security and privacy.

Our privacy-first product suite

Skiff Mail: Our end-to-end encrypted email service - Skiff Mail - ensures your conversations remain private and accessible only to you. Custom domains, email aliases, and tracker protection add even more layers of securitySkiff Pages: Skiff Pages is a simple, secure, and powerful product for secure document creation, real-time collaboration, and sharing for notes, wikis, documents, and more.Skiff Drive: Skiff Drive provides private, end-to-end encrypted, cloud-accessible storage for your files. Easily share, preview, or link to files with total privacy.Skiff Calendar: Our newest product - Skiff Calendar - enables you to manage your schedule privately, protecting your calendar events with end-to-end encryption.

PrivacyTools is a valuable resource for any internet user looking to replace invasive, anti-privacy products with more private and secure alternatives. From email and collaboration software to browsers and VPNs, PrivacyTools contains critical advice and product reviews for privacy-seeking internet users.

Learning more about privacy and security at Skiff

Privacy is the heart of everything we do at Skiff. For more information, check out:
  • Our security model, including diagrams and a breakdown of how every Skiff product leverages end-to-end encryption.
  • Our annotated privacy policy, explaining how Skiff as a product and company protect your data (you can sign up, upgrade, and use Skiff without sharing any personal information!).
  • Our open-source presence, including Skiff Mail, our UI library, and our cryptography library.

Joining the Skiff community

If you have questions, want to give feature suggestions, or are looking for product updates, check us out on Twitter, Reddit, or Discord.

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