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Skiff Domains launches!

With thousands of Skiff Mail users already using custom domains for email, we’re excited to launch a major feature to make custom domains even simpler: Skiff domains.
Domain name and DNS records on background.
Skiff Domains take all the pain out of domain registration for your own privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted mail address. Instead of configuring MX, CNAME, and TXT records, you can now simply sign up, open Skiff Mail, and purchase a domain that will be automatically configured to receive mail privately on Skiff.Skiff Domains help you go from Mail users to a professional custom domain - for your business, family, or personal projects - in seconds.

How to use Skiff Domains

To start, open Skiff Mail, and click into the settings page inside Skiff Mail. Then, click on the “custom domains” tab on the left. Or, click this link to go directly to custom domain settings → https://app.skiff.com/mail?settingTab=custom+domains.From this settings page, you can create, purchase, or manage all of your custom domains. This includes adding domains that you already own using DNS record verification, adding aliases for domains that are already verified, and purchasing new domains on Skiff.To start with buying a domain, click “Buy custom domain.” Then, you’ll be prompted with an input field to search for a new domain. Once you’ve entered a search term, you’ll view suggested domains with different endings. Once you’ve selected your preferred domain, simply click on it, and you will be redirected to a checkout page to sign up for a subscription for your domain.After checkout is complete - congratulations! Your domain is now ready for use on Skiff Mail. Note that you may have to wait 3-5 minutes for DNS records to propagate.
List of domains for purchase, such as nightwatch.org and nightwatch.net.

Price, cost, and registration

To purchase a domain through Skiff Domains, you’ll have to be a Skiff Pro or Skiff Business subscriber with access to custom domains.Then, follow the guide above to purchase your domain. After waiting a few minutes, it will be set up with all needed DNS records for sending and receiving mail. Then, visit the alias tab (via this link) and click “add alias” under your domain to add email addresses. Anyone shared on your workspace will also be able to use aliases at this domain.

Why use Skiff Domains?

Managing a domain name and DNS records can be frustrating and tedious, as you have to transfer them from the original source, wait for them to update, and fix any typos or errors. Purchasing a one-click domain through Skiff avoids all of this complexity, allowing you to simply click and checkout to send email from a custom domains.

Adding aliases

Adding aliases with a Skiff domain is as simple as using any other custom domain. Once purchased and verified, you’ll see your Skiff domain at the bottom of the custom domains settings page (inside the “Manage domains” section). There, click the … dropdown and “add alias;” you’ll then be able to add any alias, including a one-character alias.


If you have any questions, reach out to us in-app via the “send feedback” button, on Twitter, on Discord, or on Reddit.


What happens if I cancel my account?If you cancel your subscription, your domain will no longer be renewed. As long as your subscription and payment information is active, your domain will continue to be renewed and work with Skiff Mail.Can I send and receive calendar invites?Yes! Any Skiff Domains purchased domain works natively for Skiff Calendar as well. All invites will be sent from the alias you’ve set as your default email alias from inside Skiff Mail.What aliases can be created?There is no limit on the length and type of aliases. So, if you want a one-character alias, go for it!How many aliases can be created?Unlimited aliases can be added per domain, just like any custom domain.

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