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Skiff x Unstoppable Domains

Integrating Unstoppable Domains for private, user-owned communications.
Skiff partners with unstoppable login page
In late 2021, Skiff launched a feature that enabled users to sign up and login using just their MetaMask wallet - letting users access end-to-end encrypted documents and data on Skiff using an existing keypair (an Ethereum address).Today, Skiff supports three products: Skiff Mail, Skiff Pages, and Skiff Drive and has grown to support numerous crypto wallets, including Brave Wallet, Phantom, and more.Today, we’re excited to announce that Skiff is now a Login Partner of Unstoppable Domains where their over 2.5 million registered domains can now easily plug into Skiff to create an email address and identity. What does this mean? New users can sign up for Skiff and use any products in the Skiff ecosystem (Skiff Mail, Pages, or Drive) all using their Unstoppable Domain.What is an Unstoppable Domain? It is the first functional NFT single sign-on service for Ethereum and Polygon and will replace the need for usernames and passwords across Web3. Just like connecting a wallet, users prove ownership over an Unstoppable Domain and are subsequently able to use that domain to log into Skiff, send mail, and collaborate with others.We are excited for all owners of Unstoppable Domains to try out the new login functionality and can't wait to share all the new updates we have coming soon!Learn more about Login with Unstoppable here. For a review of Skiff in Vietnam, check out this link.

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