Skiff Team / 9.16.2022

Skiff x Keplr

Skiff and Keplr are excited to introduce the next frontier in Web3 communication.
Combination of Skiff and Keplr logos
Today, we are giving users with Keplr wallets the ability to not only directly sign up for Skiff’s suite of privacy-first decentralized products, but also to claim their very own domain address to use within Skiff Mail and with the world.

Skiff: Private, Web3 Email

Skiff is dedicated to making privacy-first and decentralized products more accessible and user-friendly. This is why Skiff has built a comprehensive privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted, and Web3-native decentralized platform.Skiff Mail empowers users to communicate privately and confidently by connecting and linking their crypto wallets to an encrypted, secure, and private email address, allowing for the most comprehensive and efficient wallet to wallet communication available.Skiff Pages lets users write and store sensitive information that can be easily shared with collaborators, without ever breaking client-side encryption. Users also have the option to store their pages on the InterPlanetary File System for a completely decentralized experience.Skiff Drive enables users to store all their files, regardless of file type, on a privacy first, end-to-end encrypted platform. These files can be easily accessed, downloaded and, retrieved. All your files are encrypted on your device, and, if you choose stored on a decentralized network (IPFS), files remain end-to-end encrypted and censorship resistant.

Keplr + Cosmos

Keplr is the first open-source, IBC-enabled wallet that was built from the ground up to support interoperability and the Interchain ecosystem.Explore the world of interoperable blockchain applications from one wallet, and manage assets, stake tokens and collect rewards, participate in governance, access NFTs, and more.Combining powerful features into one user-friendly interface, Keplr simplifies connecting blockchain applications for developers and empowers users to interact with the emerging ecosystem of interoperable blockchains.

How do the integrations work?

1. LoginTo start, we check if you have Keplr extension installed before displaying the Log in with Keplr button. If you don’t, you’ll still be able to log in with your username and password or any of our other wallet-based logins.The next step is to verify that you actually own your Cosmos Hub address (we don’t want you to have any imposters!). Similar to previous wallet logins, our server first generates a challenge token (called skiffLoginToken ) for your wallet to sign.Then, we use the Keplr API to sign the message using the ADR-036 protocol. This signature is subsequently verified in order to claim the address, and if it passes we can safely assume that this is not an impersonation. We let you proceed to either creating a new account or logging into an existing one, depending on whether you’ve signed up.2: domainSkiff will auto-register a for you to use with your address and wallet. New custom domain, same end-to-end encryption.In building a platform for privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted, Web3 email, adding a distinct, verifiable address for every Keplr user builds credibility and trust for all communications in Web3.

What’s next

Both Skiff and Keplr are incredibly excited about the limitless potential of decentralization and the innovative technologies being developed in the field. Skiff is dedicated to giving Keplr wallet users the best experience possible with our current offerings - and won’t be stopping here. We have lots of new features, products, and improvements coming very soon, and we can’t wait to share them with the entire Keplr community. Keep your eyes posted on your address for some exciting announcements in the coming weeks and months.

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