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The wait is over

Skiff opens to the public
Skiff Pages opens for the public
LaunchWe’re excited to announce a major update to Skiff that makes private, decentralized collaboration even more accessible. As of today, anyone can sign up for Skiff and start using it immediately. All Skiff users receive:
  1. Document Features – Including subpages, advanced tables, markdown, public links, watermarking, and password-protection.
  2. Decentralized storage – Opt-in to save documents on the Interplanetary File System.
  3. Storage – 1 GB for free.
  4. Uploads – Up to 30 MB per file.
We’ve been blown away by the positive response from thousands of people who participated in our closed beta. With this latest release, we’ve rolled out a Pro Plan. This upgrade packs a range of new features, including Full-Text Search, Version History, Advanced Tables, and Priority Support.Full-Text SearchIt’s easy to lose track of work when managing many documents. Now you can find any document by searching for its content or title. This all happens client-side, so everything remains completely end-to-end encrypted.
End-to-end encrypted search gif
Version historySometimes a sentence gets accidentally deleted, or a collaborator gets a little too liberal with their edits. Our new version history panel lets you retrieve and view old copies of a document so you can be sure to never lose your work.
Extra settings tab (Version history, export, remove)
IPFSYou now have the choice to store your data on the Interplanetary Filesystem. With decentralized file storage, you’re guaranteed transparent, permanent access to your data wherever and whenever you like. You can read more about the Skiff / Protocol Labs collaboration here.

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