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Skiff named top 25 app of 2022

Skiff is thrilled to be one of the top 25 new apps of 2022!
Fast Company top 25 apps of 2022 headline.
On December 28th, Fast Company published their list of the top 25 newest apps of 2022. From Mastodon to ChatGPT, these apps offered radically different ways to communicate, collaborate, and write.Skiff offers the same - but privately, with an end-to-end encrypted workspace. Over the course of 2022, we launched Skiff Mail, Skiff mobile and desktop apps, Skiff Drive, and - in December - Skiff Calendar.Today, Skiff products offer a feature-complete solution to the Google and Microsoft style productivity suites for communicating and collaborating. Larger teams can also take advantage of custom domains, shared teams, and shared links for collaborating externally.We also launched new paid plans with Pro and Business tiers for individuals, families, and teams. Skiff’s paid tiers offer more storage space (up to one terabyte per user), extra email aliases (up to fifteen per user), additional version history, and shorter email aliases.Most of all, we are grateful to the individuals who use our products and join our communities across Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Reddit, and more.We have so much more in store for 2023.

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