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Email privacy: Our interview with Watchman Privacy

In a recent, must-listen podcast with Watchman Privacy, our CEO provided thoughtful insights into email security, privacy practices, and more with Gabriel Custodiet from Watchman Privacy.
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Email security: Critical for your identity, privacy, and freedom

Full link here.Privacy was the heart of our conversation with Watchman: Does privacy exist in email? What is encrypted email? How does email tracking work?Highlighting the ease at which hackers can intercept unsecured emails, we covered the ideological and practical needs for improved email security systems.Email is our identity online and protecting our inbox means protecting our life. Even more than that, new technology - better and faster encryption, decentralized storage, and broader privacy awareness - has made encrypted email more appealing to hundreds of millions of people around the world.

The rise of end-to-end encrypted email

End-to-end encryption (E2EE) is a method of secure communication that anyone except the sender and recipient from accessing data. In the context of email end-to-end encryption, email bodies, subject, and other data can be E2EE. However, note that Skiff is one of very few email providers that end-to-end encrypts both email subject and content.We pointed out that implementing E2EE in email communication is not just a matter of providing better security; it is about building a platform for trust and integrity. E2EE email providers cannot read any user emails, while mainstream email services - Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook - can.

Privacy: A Fundamental Right

A key takeaway from the podcast was the importance of privacy in our digital world. As our CEO discussed with Gabriel, it's not just about protecting data from malicious actors, but it's also about empowering individuals to have control over their personal information.Better data privacy laws, which are designed to protect users' digital privacy, play a role in establishing public confidence and ensuring corporate compliance.

Moving forward

Watchman Privacy is an excellent resource for bringing to the forefront the critical issues of personal privacy, email security, and encryption. As we move deeper into the digital era, we hope you learn more about how to cultivate great personal privacy practices.Watch here: Link.

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