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Skiff is crypto-native, privacy-first collaboration that gives you the power to communicate freely.

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Communicate with any wallet

Send and receive mail from any wallet address on Ethereum, Solana, or more – and we’ll handle the rest. Skiff integrates seamlessly with ENS, Bonfida, and all wallet addresses: no more checking and double-checking long alpha-numeric addresses.

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Collaborate with your web3 identity

Work together in real-time in a shared, private, and decentralized workspace. Easily collaborate and share developer docs, protocol specifications, governance proposals, and more just by connecting your wallet.

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Your keys, your data

Skiff is end-to-end encrypted: All messages, documents, and data are kept private between you and your collaborators, and optionally stored encrypted on the Interplanetary File System.

End-to-end encrypted web3 document editing

Completely open source.

Privacy is more than a promise. Skiff Mail has been open source since day one.

Decentralized, end-to-end encrypted storage.

Opt-in to store your files on the InterPlanetary FileSystem, end-to-end encrypted and always accessible.

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Be a person, 
not a product.

Join Skiff’s community of builders, inventors, and creatives.

Get access to Skiff

Become a part of our 100,000+ community.

We care about protecting your data. Here’s our Privacy Policy.

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