Skiff Crypto

Skiff Crypto is an open-source cryptography library for symmetric encryption, public-key encryption, key generation, object versioning and hashing. It is written in TypeScript and relies on well-tested, audited, and trusted primitives for all cryptographic operations.



Symmetric and asymmetric cryptography functions.

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Object versioning

A graphical representation of a user or entity, often an image or initials displayed in a circular container.

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Hash objects, strings, or any other data.

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Convenient utility functions for encoding, decoding, and formatting data.

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Our Open-Source Libraries

Skiff Mail

Skiff Mail empowers free and more effective communication through private, end-to-end encrypted email. All messages sent between Skiff users are end-to-end encrypted.

Skiff Windows app

The Windows app is a native WPF application built using the WebView2 Edge/Chromium runtime, with native bindings added to support file upload, file download, hardware keys, and other features.

Skiff UI

Skiff UI is a React component library designed to empower developers with a robust set of user interface elements for building stunning web applications.


This module defines a schema extension to support tables with rowspan/colspan support and a custom selection class for cell selections in such a table.