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Skiff Calendar protects your personal and professional life by keeping your schedule end-to-end encrypted.
February 2024
Jason OOO
Valentines Day
11 PM
11 PM12 AM1 AM2 AM3 AM4 AM
Night walk3 - 4 AM
Team drinks1 - 2 AM
Meditate2 - 3 AM
Joseph / Jason
Watch MM XXL

Take your thoughts and ideas to the next level with a private, end-to-end encrypted workspace.

Integrated video conferencingAdd integrated video calls to every event, invite, and meeting, all for free.
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Milestone Retro
Auto-sync emails with eventsSkiff Calendar automatically adds invitations, synchronizes RSVPs, and updates events sent to your Skiff inbox.
WED 14
THU 15
FRI 16
SAT 17
SUN 18
MON 19
TUE 20
11:19 PM
11:00 PM12:00 AM01:00 AM02:00 AM03:00 AM04:00 AM
Night walk3 - 4 AM
Team drinks1 - 2 AM
Meditate2 - 3 AM
Joseph / Jason
Watch MM XXL
RSVP with anyoneSkiff Calendar is fully compatible with every external mailbox, including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCal, and more. With mail forwarding, events and invites are automatically added.
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Shared calendarsShare entire end-to-end encrypted calendars with your team, coordinating planning, group events, and meetings.
Import any calendarSwitch to a new calendar instantly by importing any ICS file.
Event notificationsOn the go? Skiff Calendar mobile apps send notifications before every meeting.
Mobile appKeep your schedule in sync with mobile apps on iOS, Android, and macOS.
Integrates with any forwarded emailTo help you make the switch, Skiff Calendar auto populates events from any forwarded email accounts.
Recurring or repeated eventsSchedule recurring meetings with anyone directly in Skiff Calendar.
Customize your eventsAdd notes, colors, and locations to your events. All event data, including external attendees, is kept end-to-end encrypted.

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