Private, End-to-End Encrypted

Protect your notes, documents, and wikis with Skiff Pages - end-to-end encrypted and fully collaborative.

Take your thoughts and ideas to the next level with a private, end-to-end encrypted workspace.

Version historyWind back the clock to view the past state of your team’s documents.
Decentralized IPFS storageOpt-in to store your files on the interplanetary filesystem, a decentralized storage network.
Mobile appKeep your synced across both your desktop and mobile devices.
Powerful text blocksFlexibly write with numerous editor blocks including headers, tables, code blocks, and more.
Wallet-based authenticationCollaborate with others through your Metamask, Coinbase, Keplr, Phantom, Brave, or BitKeep cypto wallet.
Public link sharingPublish writing onto the internet so that non-Skiff users can appreciate your work.

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Want to access your information on the go? Skiff Pages on mobile offers privacy-first writing and real-time collaboration directly on your iOS and Android devices.
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