Migrating your data

Migration illustration
With the Notion acquisition, what happens to my Skiff accounts?We are excited to share that Skiff is joining Notion.
How long can I continue to use Skiff?All Skiff services, including Mail, Pages, Calendar and Drive, will be sunsetting August 9, 2024, as part of Skiff's acquisition by Notion. Only automatic mail forwarding will continue to operate until February 9, 2025.
How can I export my Pages and files?Navigate to https://app.skiff.com/dashboard/?settingTab=export
How can I export emails?​Navigate to https://app.skiff.com/mail/inbox?settingTab=export
How can I forward my emails to another address?Navigate to https://app.skiff.com/mail/inbox?settingTab=forwarding
How can I export contacts?​Navigate to https://app.skiff.com/mail?settingTab=export
How can I export my calendar?Navigate to https://app.skiff.com/?settingTab=export
How can I transfer a custom domain I purchased through Skiff?Navigate to https://app.skiff.com/mail/inbox?settingTab=custom+domains
How can I request a refund?Open Skiff Mail, Calendar, Pages, or Drive and click “send feedback” in the left sidebar