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Skiff Apps

Skiff MailSkiff Mail empowers free and more effective communication through private, end-to-end encrypted email. All messages sent between Skiff users are end-to-end encrypted. Inbox logos are provided by multiple sources, including the Clearbit Logo API, website favicons, and our design team. PGP encryption and decryption uses version 5.11.0 of the openpgp library.
Skiff Mail code
Skiff CalendarSkiff Calendar is a privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted calendar product. Create events, RSVP for invites received in Skiff Mail, and even add video meeting links to your appointments. Skiff Calendar features day, week, and month views and is integrated directly into Skiff Mail.
Skiff Calendar code
Skiff Windows appThe Windows app is a native WPF application built using the WebView2 Edge/Chromium runtime, with native bindings added to support file upload, file download, hardware keys, and other features.
Skiff Windows code

Software libraries

Authenticated Encrypted Associated Data (AEAD)Our authenticated encryption with associated data (AEAD) envelopes library allows you to embed additional information in the output of encryption functions.
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Component Library (Skiff UI)React component library for the Skiff UI Design System with 30+ customizable components and hooks.
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Our contributions

ProsemirrorThis module defines a schema extension to support tables with rowspan/colspan support and a custom selection class for cell selections in such a table.
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FlexSearchOriginally forked from FlexSearch, this library trims down unwanted features and modernizes code for a smooth and easy-to-use search library.
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