A modernized approach to your PGP encryption.

Encrypt a message with Skiff's PGP, implemented with user experience in mind and additional layers of encryption.PGP encryption between two users

Why PGP?

Bring freedom to the internetWhile we believe Skiff's security model is superior, we understand there's still a need for PGP at this moment. We are supportive of technology that amplifies - not degrades - our freedom on the internet. Please read our article if you are interested in our initial decision to implement PGP.
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Manage your PGP keys with Skiff

PGP keys are automatically created for each address made in SkiffEach new Skiff address will have a PGP key auto generated - no other set-up needed. Or, if you already have a PGP key, easily import into your Skiff address.
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Manage keys for each Skiff addressConfigure your PGP keys by exporting, disabling, deleting, and adjusting the publish settings.
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How Skiff's PGP is different

01 Subject lines are encrypted in Skiff

Subject lines of PGP are encrypted in Skiff Mail, which means Skiff does not have access to the subjects and the contents of your messages.

02 Seamless integration across PGP products

Skiff's PGP is integrated with the Web Key Directory (WKD), streamlining the process of exchanging PGP keys and updating contacts. You can effortlessly send or receive PGP-encrypted emails, as you would with regular email, as long as the recipient/sender also utilizes WKD.

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