Skiff UI – Design System

Skiff UI is an open-source React component library based on a collection of reusable interface elements used in Skiff. It offers a wide range of customizable components for web apps, empowering you to create beautiful and user-friendly interfaces.



A graphical representation of a user or entity, often an image or initials displayed in a circular container.

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Displays prominent messages, actions, and reminders at the top of the screen.

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A clickable element that triggers actions, such as form submission or navigation.

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Button Group

Group related buttons together for logical interaction, such as selecting options or triggering actions within a specific context.

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Design system color palette and token names.

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A compact component displaying small information or attributes, commonly used for tags, categories, or short descriptions.

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Circular Progress

A progress indicator that can be used to represent the progress or loading state of a task.

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A horizontal or vertical separator for grouping and organizing content.

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Presents a menu-like list of options when activated, providing a compact way for users to choose or perform actions.

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Displays a collection of user avatars in a compact format, commonly used to represent participants or contributors.

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A clickable element that triggers actions, such as form submission or navigation. Similar to Button except it renders only an Icon inside a square component.

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A component for displaying Icons combined with Typography text inline.

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Allows users to enter or edit text or data, providing an interface for capturing user input in various forms.

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The Select component displays a selected value and controls a Dropdown when clicked.

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Component that allows users to switch between two different states, typically representing an on/off or true/false choice.

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Our Open-Source Libraries

Skiff Mail

Skiff Mail empowers free and more effective communication through private, end-to-end encrypted email. All messages sent between Skiff users are end-to-end encrypted.

Skiff Windows app

The Windows app is a native WPF application built using the WebView2 Edge/Chromium runtime, with native bindings added to support file upload, file download, hardware keys, and other features.

Skiff Crypto

Skiff Crypto is our library for simple, secure cryptography, including symmetric and asymmetric encryption, generating keypairs, hashing, and object versioning.


This module defines a schema extension to support tables with rowspan/colspan support and a custom selection class for cell selections in such a table.