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An Unstoppable Email

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Skiff is excited to announce our integration between Unstoppable Domains and Skiff Mail. Earlier this month, Skiff announced a new way to sign up for a Skiff account using your Unstoppable Domain.Right now, creating a Skiff account means choosing a new email address (, signing up with a wallet with your public wallet address as your username, or logging in with your Unstoppable Domains account.We’re now taking it one step further and enabling Unstoppable owners to use inside of Skiff Mail.What does this mean? It means that Unstoppable owners get access to a free end-to-end encrypted email that protects their inbox and gives them the power to communicate freely. In the digital era, we keep our lives in our inboxes. Skiff Mail’s end-to-end encryption keeps your mail private and secure. No one — not big tech, not us, not anyone — has access but you.With 2.5 million registered domains in the Unstoppable ecosystem, Skiff Mail becomes the simplest and most private solution for UD users to communicate, enabling a communication layer in Web3 that was impossible - until now.For Unstoppable owners who are new to the Skiff ecosystem, sign up here or through your domain profile.If you already have a Skiff account, you can still connect your Unstoppable Domain in the settings page of your Skiff Mail inbox.

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In addition to an email address, Skiff Mail account gives you access to the first-ever end-to-end encrypted productivity suite. Jump from docs to email, to remote collaboration. And never compromise your privacy in the process.

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