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Brave Talk x Skiff

Easily add Brave Talk meeting links to Skiff Calendar using the Brave Talk extension.
Brave Talk and Skiff Calendar preview.
Skiff Calendar and Brave Talk now integrate seamlessly to bring secure, private video chat to your calendar meetings, events, and conferences. With this integration, you can now easily share a video call link on Brave Talk from any Skiff Calendar meeting, directly inside your browser.

Private video calls on Skiff Calendar

To add video conferencing to Skiff Calendar events, simply click on the "Add Brave Talk" button in the event details once you have the Brave Talk extension installed. A call link will subsequently be added to the meeting link section of your calendar event. Once your participants join the chat, you will be able to see and hear each other in real time.
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Brave Talk: Simple and secure

Brave Talk is a secure, private video chat platform that is built on top of the Brave browser. It is built to be privacy-first, with an option to enable end-to-end encrypted video calls, and it does not collect any data about your chats.

How to use the Brave Talk extension

The Brave Talk extension is designed to easily integrate one-click video call links to your calendar events. From inside Skiff Calendar, simply click “Add Brave Talk” to generate and add a meeting link. This meeting link is included in calendar invites shared externally, allowing you to easily schedule secure and private video calls.


Is Brave Talk free?Yes, Brave Talk is free, but only for conferences with up to four members.Is Skiff Calendar free?Yes. All Skiff accounts can access Skiff Calendar at can I learn more?To learn more about Brave Talk or Skiff Calendar, visit:

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