Skiff Team / 6.27.2023

Custom domains, now free

Today, we’re announcing a radical change in how email works and making custom domains available for free on Skiff Mail.
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Custom domains empower you to own your identity online. In addition to having a more personalized email address or sharing your domain with colleagues or family members, custom domains align deeply with our vision to empower more private, free communication.Adding a free custom domain is a game changer.
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How to add a free custom domain

In this section, we’ll guide you through the steps to set up your custom domain in Skiff Mail.
  1. Log into your Skiff Mail account from
  2. Click settings, then select “Custom domains” (or, visit if you are already logged in).
  3. Now, you can choose between transferring an existing domain you own, or purchasing a new domain
  4. If you are transferring a domain, click “configure domain” and enter your domain details.
  5. Configure your DNS settings to route emails to and from Skiff Mail.
  6. Confirm that your custom domain is active and ready to use.
  7. Navigate to the aliases tab to add more aliases! Or, see the section below.

How to add aliases

Having multiple aliases is a game changer for your privacy online.
  1. To add aliases, go to “Settings” and select “Aliases” (or, visit
  2. Select your new custom domain from the custom domain dropdown in the top right (your domain must be verified).
  3. Add a new alias and specify the email address you’d like to use.
That’s it!

How to use a custom domain privately

Using a custom domain helps you own your identity online. On Skiff Mail, custom domains and aliases can also help organize your inbox and protect your identity.
  1. All incoming mail is automatically end-to-end encrypted - including email subject, content, and headers - meaning only you can access your data.
  2. Emails are sorted into alias inboxes, helping you manage different accounts and email addresses.
  3. You can add unlimited aliases on your custom domain!

How to share aliases with your team

On Skiff Mail, you can also share your domain with more users, making sure you and your team all benefit from privacy-first collaboration and communication:
  1. To share another team member, visit the “Organization” settings page
  2. Click “Add members” and provision or share a new organization member
  3. You can then add a custom domain alias for any provisioned member
  4. Or, for any existing member, click on their user profile from the Organization settings page and manually add an additional alias

Upgrading for more custom domains

Sometimes, one custom domain isn’t enough. On Skiff’s paid plans, you can add up to 15 custom domains and unlimited aliases to every domain!
  1. Go to “Settings and select “Plans.”
  2. Upgrade to your desired plan, or see our Pricing page for all features
  3. Start adding more custom domains, more users, and more aliases!


Have questions or need further assistance? Contact Skiff at [email protected], or in our online Discord, Twitter, and Reddit communities.

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