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How to invite your team to a shared workspace

You've just set up your Skiff account. How can you share your team?
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Working together on Skiff yields critical privacy benefits for your communications, files, documennts, and more. Inviting your team brings numerous new features - as well as an opportunity to leave Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, and other less private ways to collaborate.We’ve built Skiff to be a privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted workspace for individuals, teams, and businesses - and sharing other members on your team is a critical need to jumpstart your privacy.This blog walks through how to set up your workspace for team collaboration, how to invite your colleagues to collaborate, and how to add a shared custom domain. At any point, if you have questions, need help, or want an onboarding specialist to help with the process, we are available at [email protected] for questions.

How to sign up and create a workspace

You can sign up for Skiff from our app homepage. This will prompt you to create an individual account, which will be the first member and administrator for your workspace. From there, you can customize your organization’s name from the organization settings page.On this settings page, you can change your organization’s name, add teams, delete teams, or add and remove members. Teams are organizational units of your workspace, such as Engineering, Design, and HR teams. We’ll cover sharing your organization with colleagues in the next section.

How to invite your team members

To use a shared custom domain and share teams (“Design,” “Business,” etc.), you need to add members to your workspace. This can be done from the organization settings page as well ( members will automatically be shared on all public teams within your organization, including the “Everyone” team. Invite-only teams will not be automatically shared, unless you add new members to them.As noted above, you cannot add existing Skiff accounts to your workspace. Instead, you can send an email invite link that must be used to create a new account and join a workspace.

How to add a shared custom domain

Adding a custom domain is critical for any organization that wants shared, personalized emails at the same domain for a business, family, or other group. To set up a custom domain, visit the custom domain settings page: Note that you will need to be on the Pro or Business tiers to do so.Once you enter in your domain name, you will see DNS entries (MX record, TXT records, and CNAME records) to add via your domain registrar. Once added, these may take some time to populate. All records are necessary to enable mail sending and receiving at your domain, as well as critical security checks for email protection (SPF, DKIM, and DMARC protection).Once the domain is added and verified, anyone from your workspace will be able to add aliases using that custom domain. You can refer to our longer tutorial here on how to add and verify a custom domain.


Can existing Skiff accounts be added to new workspaces?No - you must create new accounts to join a Skiff Workspace. Each account has a distinct mail inbox, drive, pages, and more.How can I sign into multiple Skiff accounts?On the web, click the workspace selector in the top left corner, and then click “Add account.” You will be able to sign into multiple Skiff accounts at once that each belong to a different workspace. You can also sign into multiple accounts on the mobile Pages and Drive apps, with multiple accounts on Mail coming soon.Can I manage members of my workspace?Yes! Any admin can remove workspace members from the organization settings page. Once removed, these workspace member accounts cannot be recovered.Can a custom domain be shared across users?Yes! Every member of your workspace can have a distinct custom domain alias, like [email protected] and [email protected]. That way, you can even add more aliases, like sales@, ops@, or [email protected].Can you add more than one custom domain?Yes! You can add up to two custom domains on the Pro tier, and you can add up to five custom domains on the business tier. So, if you need to manage multiple domain email addresses, or multiple businesses from one workspace, you can easily add these domains to your Skiff account.

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