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Mail filters released

Mail filters are now available in Skiff for everyone!
Mail filtering actions and conditions.
Since Skiff Mail launched in The Verge in May 2022, hundreds of thousands of new users have tried our privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted email product. As users start the journey to private email, we've heard countless requests for better features to manage, organize, and sort your incoming emails.We're excited to announce that mail filters - one of the most powerful ways of staying organized - are released. Filters enable you to automatically keep your inbox, sorted, organized by labels or folders, and tidy from spam or unwanted messages. Whether you've been experiencing annoying, inbound, spam, or frequent repeated messages from a single sender, set up a Mail filter to never be bothered again or to keep track of your most important communications.

How to use mail filters

To start, navigate to the Skiff Mail app on a desktop web browser, or on the desktop app. You can view your Mail filters from the Skiff Mail, mobile apps, but only create them on the web. Next, open settings from the left sidebar. Then, choose the filters option on the left.
  1. To start, click the “Create new filter” button.
  2. You'll then be able to give your mail filter a name, like “move emails to spam,” "recruiting, emails,” or “sort, custom domain email.”
  3. You can then add filter conditions. Click add condition and choose from a “from” address condition or a “to” address condition, with more coming soon.
  4. Then, choose a set of actions for your mail filter. This includes applying a label, moving mail into a folder, marking it, as read, or unread, or marking it as spam, inbox, or trash.

Pricing plans

Mail filters are a powerful feature that are available on every skiff plan, including the free tier. However, the free tier is limited to only two mail filters.On the Essential, Pro, and Business tiers, you can access unlimited mail filters. Each paid plan also offers numerous additional features, including extra email, aliases, more folders and labels, custom domains, and additional storage space.To upgrade, visit the Plans page.

Video tutorial

Check out our video tutorial on how to create filters here.


Are mail filters available on the free plan?Yes! Every Skiff user can use mail filters for free. However, on the free plan, you will be limited to two mail filters scroll up to see the different plans that are available, including the business plan, which offers how many deadmau5 filtering for any of your aliases, folders, and labels.Are mail filters available on mobile?Yes. Any Skiff Mail mobile app user can navigate to settings and view mail filters. However, the mobile filter settings are currently limited to view only; you are required to navigate to the desktop or web app to set up new email filters.What kind of actions can you perform in mail filters?Mail filters are a powerful tool for keeping your inbox organized. You can easily use mail filters to mark mail as read, apply labels, move, mail to folders, or move them into your spam, trash, or archive inboxes.

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