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Introducing Skiff Mail

Skiff Mail launch rocket launch
Today, Skiff Mail launches: Privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted, open-source, Web3-native email.Skiff Mail is built to be the next generation of email. Since the mid 1990s, email has brought an unprecedented degree of collaboration to the world - allowing scientists to share research, families to stay in touch, and the professional world to function.Yet even as email has been adopted by billions of individuals, most large mail providers still have woeful privacy protections — allowing users’ messages to be read, processed, and stored by third parties.

End-to-end encrypted and privacy-first

Skiff Mail shifts the paradigm with simple and intuitive privacy. Skiff never stores unencrypted copies of any messages sent on Skiff Mail - and every Skiff-to-Skiff messages is end-to-end encrypted. Sign up, log in, and every message you send is owned by you.Privacy applies beyond messages sent to and from Skiff Mail. Every message received from an external, third-party mail provider is immediately encrypted - ensuring only users have access to unencrypted copies of their emails.

Fully open-source on day 1

Open-sourcing has always been a central piece of our strategy at Skiff, allowing us to build trust with our community and deliver transparent and trustworthy privacy. This is why we have decided to open-source the entire Skiff Mail product on launch. Visit Skiff's GitHub page to learn more.Skiff Mail is also Web3 native. Sign up for Mail with a crypto wallet (currently MetaMask and soon Brave Wallet) to collaborate while completely owning your data. Just like Skiff's Workspace product, users have the option to store data on Protocol Labs' decentralized storage network IPFS, and also to send emails to/from their ENS addresses.To use Skiff Mail, sign up for a Skiff account at this link

Skiff Mail features


Skiff Mail features instant, privacy-preserving search. Full text search has been a key feature in Skiff’s collaboration platform - allowing you to search through workspaces containing thousands of files instantly. We have brought this search function to Skiff Mail, allowing for message, subject, to/from/cc search, and more. Skiff’s search is completely open source - read more about Skiff search on this blog.

Sync across all your devices

Mobile and desktop apps for sending, receiving, and notifications are crucial for using email. Skiff Mail launches with fully featured mobile apps for iOS and Android as well as a fully featured macOS desktop app. Check them out below:Download Skiff Mail on iOSDownload Skiff Mail on AndroidDownload Skiff Mail on macOS

Wallet login

Skiff Mail lets you sign in, send, and receive mail using a crypto wallet. For the first time, send directly to an ENS address using Skiff. Read more about our wallet integration on Skiff’s technical blog.


Every Skiff Mail user receives 10 GB of free storage to send and receive mail and attachments. As we transition out of Skiff Mail Alpha into future versions, we’ll support additional storage and paid plans.

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