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How to migrate from Google Workspace to Skiff

Looking for added privacy, security, and convenience? Learn how to migrate from Google Workspace to Skiff.
Migration arrow from Google Workspace to Skiff.

Migrating emails to Skiff Mail

Migrating mail from Gmail or Google Workspace to Skiff can be done with only one click. From your Skiff Mail inbox, click “Import mail.” You’ll be presented with multiple options, including:
  • Direct import from Gmail/Google Workspace
  • Mbox file import
  • EML file import
For the simplest option, we recommend choosing the Gmail/Google Workspace sign in option to sign in to your Google account and automatically import mail into your Skiff inbox. This will also continuously sync future mail, so any new emails received in your Google Workspace account will be imported into Skiff.Mbox and EML file imports may be useful if you are either permanently closing your Google account, or if you are only looking to import a few emails. Google Takeout - Google’s automated service for exporting data - produces Mbox files containing large numbers of emails. EML files are created when you download a single email from Gmail. So, if you are using Google Takeout or importing a few emails, the file import options could make sense.

Migrating your domain to Skiff Mail

Migrating your domain to Skiff Mail can be done in minutes. Once you’re on a Skiff Pro or Skiff Business paid plan, you will have access to custom domains in your Skiff Mail account. Visit the custom domains settings page and click “Transfer domain.” Then, after entering your domain name, you’ll be provided with DNS records to add to your domain (MX record, TXT records, and CNAME records). Once these records are added, your domain will be verified, and you can use it to send and receive email on Skiff.Paid plans allow you to transfer multiple domains that can be shared with your team members. All workspace members will have access to a separate Skiff Mail inbox that can be provisioned with custom domain aliases, such as [email protected], or [email protected].If you want to set up your Skiff Workspace with a new domain, you can purchase a domain through Skiff Domains, which will automatically provision all needed DNS records. You can also set up the needed DNS records on your new domain from any other registrar (GoDaddy, Google Domains, Namecheap, etc.) after buying a new domain name.

Inviting your team to Skiff

Skiff is built for working together with your team, family, or company. To invite other users to your workspace, follow the instructions below:
  1. Visit
  2. Type in the email address to send invites for your colleagues to join
  3. Once they receive an invite, your colleagues will have to create an account inside your workspace
  4. You can add a custom domain from the custom domain settings
  5. Admins can configure custom domains for other users from the settings page here:

Migrating from Google Drive and Google Docs

Migrating your data from Google Docs or Google Drive can also be done very easily. From the Skiff Drive or Skiff Pages settings page, click import, or visit this link. You’ll be presented with three options:
  • File import
  • Folder import
  • Google import
File import and folder import are best used if you want to upload files locally stored on your computer or mobile device.If you choose the Google import option, you can sign into your Google account and select the files, folders, or docs that you want to import into Skiff. From there, Skiff will end-to-end encrypt your data and import it into Skiff Pages and Drive.

Migrating from Google Calendar to Skiff Calendar

Currently, migrating to Skiff Calendar requires uploading an ICS file containing your calendar events. To export an ICS file from Google Calendar, follow these steps:
  1. Click the gear icon inside Google Calendar, then click “Settings”
  2. Navigate to the “Import & Export” tab on the left
  3. Click the “export” button
Within seconds, a ZIP file will be downloaded with separate ICS files for each calendarNow, any of these ICS files can be imported into Skiff Calendar. Follow these steps:
  1. Open Skiff Calendar (
  2. Click settings
  3. Click import, and select an ICS file from any exported calendar
That’s it! Your calendar will be uploaded into Skiff, bringing you one step closer to privacy.


Can you collaborate in real-time on Skiff Pages?Yes! All Skiff pages are fully collaborative, either with other shared collaborators on Skiff or with a public viewable or editable link.Does migrated data count towards your storage quotas?Yes. Any migrated data counts towards your account’s storage quota.How many users can be in one workspace?On the free or Pro plan, you can have up to six workspace members. Business tier subscribers can have unlimited members in their workspace.Can you join additional Skiff workspaces?You can join multiple Skiff workspaces by creating additional Skiff accounts. Each account belongs to one workspace, with a distinct inbox, calendar, Drive, and Pages dashboard.

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