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How to migrate from Zoho Mail to Skiff

Looking for greater privacy and security? Follow this guide to migrate from Zoho Mail to Skiff.
Migration arrow from Zoho to Skiff.
Looking for a private, end-to-end encrypted workspace for you and your team? Skiff’s suite of products, including Mail, Calendar, Pages, and Drive, offer unparalleled ease of use and total privacy.In this blog, we’ll walk through steps to migrate your email from Zoho Mail to Skiff Mail, ensuring you keep your inbox accessible while migrating to a more private provider.

How to export mail from Zoho

In this section, we’ll walk through a step by step guide on how to export mail from your Zoho inbox so you can import it into Skiff Mail:
  1. Sign in
  2. Click the settings gear icon on the right
  3. Go to “Import/Export Emails”
  4. Select the folder and time range that you want to export
  5. Click the “Export” button
  6. You should see a small notification window with a green checkmark and the text “Export is in progress.”
  7. Now, wait as your export ZIP file is prepared
Once your ZIP file is ready, click the “Notifications” tab in your Zoho inbox and follow the instructions to download your exported emails. Inside, you’ll find a folder of EML files that you can import into Skiff Mail.

How to import mail into Skiff Mail

To import mail into Skiff, follow the steps below:
  1. Sign in to Skiff Mail on
  2. Click “settings” or the gear icon to open the settings page
  3. Navigate to the “import” tab
  4. Select one of the import options, including Gmail, Outlook, Mbox file, or EML file for import
  5. After waiting a short period of time, your imported mail will show up in your inbox
Note that you can select multiple EML files at once, which should significantly speed up the import process.

Switch to Skiff for privacy and end-to-end encryption

While Zoho mail only offers encryption at rest and in-transit, Skiff Mail offers a truly private experience where only you have access to your inbox. See the table below for an overview of how end-to-end encryption adds a far greater layer of privacy to your work and communications.
Type of encryption protocolDefinition
At-rest encryptionProtects data while it rests, i.e., is not moved between email servers or devices
In-transit encryptionProtects data while it travels from the sender to the recipient when it’s most vulnerable to tampering by third parties like hackers. This encryption method is used by most mainstream email service providers
End-to-end encryptionEncrypts data on the device level before it’s uploaded to an email server, ensuring it stays in encrypted form until it reaches the recipient. Only they have the key to decipher the message. This is the safest type of encryption available, provided only by a handful of ESPs, such as Skiff
Skiff brings end-to-end encryption to your emails, calendar events, documents, and files.


Does imported mail count towards your storage quota?Yes. All imported mail counts towards your storage quota, which depends on the tier you have selected.Can you import mail from multiple providers?Yes. You can import mail from any number of providers. For example, you could import from Gmail, Outlook, and Zoho.Can you import into Skiff Calendar, Drive, and Pages?Yes. Every Skiff product has its own import page, accessible from the settings menu on any mobile or desktop device.

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