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New Skiff Mail mobile apps launch

We've launched an entirely rebuilt Skiff Mail mobile app that's an order of magnitude faster, redesigned from the ground up, and that works offline.
New mail mobile app user interface.

New Skiff Mail on mobile, now released

Today, we're announcing an all new Skiff Mail mobile app. With an order of magnitude better performance, an entirely new user interface, and full offline support, the new mobile apps make it easier than ever to stay in touch on the go.In this blog, we will walk through all changes to the Skiff Mail mobile apps and how to upgrade. We’ll cover how you can navigate the new interface, how to set up Skiff Mail on your phone, and how offline mode works. We’ll also offer a few previews on upcoming features soon to be released.

Downloading the new app

Downloading or updating the app is incredibly easy. Follow this link to download or update the Android app on the Google Play Store, or open this link to download or update your app on the Apple App Store. Once you download or update the app, you can either create a new Skiff account or sign in with any existing account. If you are already signed in, you may need to log out and log in to complete the update process.To download the other Skiff apps, including Pages, Drive, Calendar, and the macOS desktop app, visit this link.


The new Skiff Mail, mobile apps are between five and 20 times faster to open, navigate through your inbox, and read emails. This massive performance improvement was achieved with an entire technical rebuild of the mobile app. Now, your local device efficiently caches information about your inbox, enabling you much more efficiently, read and manage your emails.

Offline support

The new app supports a powerful and fully functional offline mode. For skiff users, who may not always have an Internet connection, have lower Internet speeds, or are simply trying to minimize data usage, offline mode is a critical feature, and is now available to everyone.You can even keep using the app offline, including reading, emails, replying, labels, or sending messages to different folders. All the updates you make, while offline will later be synced to your web inbox.

What’s coming next?

We still have a lot more progress to make on the new mobile apps. This includes supporting multiple accounts, a highly requested feature, and even more performance improvements. Please keep in touch with us if you have any questions or feature requests; our team is available on Twitter, Discord, or Reddit.


Is the new app available for free?Yes. Any account can access and use the new Skiff Mail mobile appHow can you download the new Mail mobile app?You can download the new Skiff Mail mobile app for iOS and android by visiting this link.Is there an APK file available?We will be adding APK downloads to our website soon, you can contact [email protected] for an APK file to download.

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