Andrew Milich / 7.05.2023

Schedule on Skiff with

Skiff Calendar and Mail now support scheduling appointments with!
Skiff Mail is an end-to-end encrypted, privacy-first, open-source email and collaboration product. is a fully open-source scheduling and appointment product with powerful automations, calendar integrations, and teams features.We at Skiff were incredibly excited by this integration: Skiff Calendar users constantly request scheduling and appointment integrations, and aligns perfectly with this feature need and our company ethos of building private, open-source products.Now, users of both platforms will benefit from a more powerful, private, and open-source workspace where connecting and meeting people is even easier!

How does it work?

To start, all existing Skiff users can sign up for a accountAny existing user can also onboard onto Skiff Mail and Calendar. After signing up for a new Skiff Mail account, simply change your email address to be your new Skiff account alias.When signing up using a Skiff email, click “skip” on the calendar connection page. Currently, all invites will be managed through email invites through Skiff Mail’s privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted inbox.All new meeting invites will then be forwarded to your Skiff inbox and automatically synchronized with your end-to-end encrypted Skiff Calendar.

Adding video call integrations easily supports adding video call integrations, including with Skiff Calendar’s preferred video call provider - Jitsi. Jitsi is another open-source, privacy-respecting product that is already integrated with Skiff Calendar, making it even easier to collaborate and communicate privately in real-time. If Jisti isn’t your preferred choice, supports over 20 other video conferencing options to fit your use case.

Feedback, feature requests, or questions?

You can reach out to the Skiff team on Twitter, Discord, Reddit, or at [email protected].The team can be reached on Twitter, and their open-source repository features hundreds of issues discussing new features, integrations, and more.We’re excited to hear your feedback and keep making Skiff Calendar even more powerful.

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